Hand Stylus Review, Kickstart This!


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Hand Stylus Review, Kickstart This!

Using an iPhone and or iPad throughout most days, there is one thing I have learned. My hands can sure make a touch screen smudged up and grimy. While coaching my high school softball team this year, we used the iPad to collect all of the game stats. While this was awesome, I found myself cleaning my iPad after every game just to be able to see the screen. At one point I thought using a stylus might be best to keep it clean while also making the stat keeping easier, but did not have one to use. Recently I was able to take a previewed first look at the Hand Stylus. This Kickstarter project is already reached the minimum funding level and promises to deliver products three to four weeks from the close of fund raising. Let’s take a look.

Project Title: Hand Stylus

Status: Funded

Closing date for funding: Sunday, June 17th, 2012

URL of the project: Find it here.

Hand Stylus Review, Kickstart This!

From the Creatives: 

In a quest to find a stylus that performs less like a blunt finger and more like the fine-tipped pens and pencils I use in my design work, I’ve purchased lots of styluses. Surprisingly, none of them has all the features I’d like. So I created the HAND Stylus—which sports the world’s smallest tip, a mere 4mm in diameter, plus a host of other features that set it apart from all other styluses.

The slim tip is retractable, a feature found on no other rubber-tipped stylus. The exceptionally small tip provides superior precision, is easy to replace, and lasts longer than fixed tips because it rotates slightly each time it’s retracted, so it wears more evenly. Again, a feature no other stylus offers. The HAND Stylus is nicely balanced, has a knurled collar for fine fingertip control, and has a removable, stainless-steel pocket clip that magnetically holds the stylus in place on an iPad’s Smart Cover.

The hexagonal barrel of the HAND Stylus fits comfortably in your hand like a classic, six-sided, yellow pencil. The barrel is made from aerospace-grade anodized aluminum and comes in an array of gloss and matte colors that can be laser engraved. An engraved HAND Stylus makes a thoughtful gift or memorable advertising specialty item. Plus the pocket clip is removable.

With its small tip, the HAND Stylus works exceptionally well with touch-screen tablets for drawing and sketching, taking notes, retouching photos, accepting credit card signatures, or making presentations. It also performs well on smart phones for clicking on tiny internet links, selecting small text, and typing on diminutive keyboards. And the HAND Stylus is great for when you’re wearing gloves, if you have long fingernails, or if you just like to keep your touch-screens free of fingerprints.

What backing levels are available?: You may back this project starting at $25 working all the way up to $6,000.

How’s Communication From the Creatives Been?: The creatives have provided 10 updates and seem to be actively in touch with the backing community.

Who Has Backed from Gear Diary: There are no backer from Gear Diary as of this writing.

What Has The Experience Like?:

Before I had children, I had a hobby of turning pens on a lathe. They were made of wood, acrylics and even antler. While making this a small business for a while, I learned a lot about pens and the ergonomics involved. I will not claim to be an expert, but I do have some background in studying the feel and design of pens. The Hand Stylus sports a six sided body, much like the old No. 2 pencils we used in school, with a knurled collar. The collar not only looks great from a design standpoint, but it also improves grip and aids in control. I found the weight to be just right and extremely balanced. While having a bit of heft, the stylus is not too heavy to be uncomfortable.The push button mechanism on the top works smooth and easy and the stainless clip (which will work magnetically with the iPad smart case) looks great. All in all, the Hand Stylus incorporates all of the features expected from a fine writing instrument.

Hand Stylus Review, Kickstart This!

The Hand Stylus is made from anodized aluminum and comes in a wide range of glossy and matte colors. I was fortunate enough to try out a black and glossy turquoise unit and both look outstanding. The flat areas on the six sided barrel leave plenty of room to laser engrave for a company or gift and the aluminum would look awesome sporting your logo or message. The clip is removable for anyone planning on using the product strictly at a desk and not needing to clip. For those of you who are green, the stylus and packaging are made from recycled materials.

Hand Stylus Review, Kickstart This!

The tip of the stylus measures in at a mere 4mm which is much smaller than most similar products. Every time the stylus is retracted, it rotates a small amount ensuring even wear along the rubber surface and promising longer life. The rubber tips are replaceable and six packs can be purchased for just $4.95. By having the tip retracted when not in use they are almost always protected. I do not see them getting scratched or damaged while being carried in a purse or a pocket.

Hand Stylus Review, Kickstart This!

I have never used a stylus on any of my touch screen devices. Using one for the first time had me skeptical to say the least. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of use from the Hand Stylus. I first used the device to browse around both the iPad and iPhone and loved how quick I was able to open apps, swipe and type. All the while keeping the screen smudge free. My iPad does have a screen protector on it which required me to press down with a bit more force than with my naked iPhone screen, but that did not take away from the usability. The big test came when I used the Paper By Fiftythree app to doodle and write. The stylus performed flawlessly. In fact, other than the lag from the application itself, I felt just as if I was writing with a pen. This could be a valuable tool for those who like to jot notes on their tablet and especially for anyone who likes to draw and create art. The Hand Stylus performed beautifully!

Hand Stylus Review, Kickstart This!

While I have never thought of using a stylus before, the Hand Stylus has changed my mind. The elegant design and ergonomics makes it easy to use and it looks great. There are actually several cases when it would come in handy for me. Coaches are always sketching plays and defenses and this is a perfect way to share some ideas. I also plan on using one with my stat program on the iPad during ball season. My stat girl will love using one. There is limited time left in the Kickstarter program and the product is already funded, so you can still get in and guarantee yourself some of the first run devices. The $25 level will earn you one Hand Stylus which is $5 off of the retail price and free shipping. You can check out more information here at the Kickstarter page.

Would You Recommend  This Kickstarter Project?: Yes. The product is great and near finished and the creatives are actively engaged with their backers.

What I like: Stylish, comfortable and well made. I love the retractable feature of this stylus.

What can be improved: I have a feeling I will lose at least one of these at some point like I do every other pen.

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