Avengers USB Drives – Suit Up and Plug In!

Dane Electronics offers The Avengers collectible figure/sliding USB drive set of four – Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man. Each drive has a five year warranty and stands up well with enough base for stability. The bottom base has a knob to slide the USB drive out. The USB has an 8GB storage capacity.

The figure sections are rather artistic and roughly the same size. The Hulk still looks the part, even with a reduced size. Inside the bottom center of each package there is a serial number for authenticity, so collectors should hang onto it.

The display aspect of the USB drives works well- letting you show them off rather than  letting the USB drive sit in a drawer or organizer, but, depending on your computer’s design, the sideways oriented USB ports can create an obvious disadvantage. The large figure size does not allow for multiple plug-ins to the computer, but the light weight (approximately 1.6 ounces) make them great for transport and display. It would have be great to have an Avengers game or other interactive experience preloaded on the drive(s) …thanks for the suggestion Jodi.Dane Electronics has produced several tech products including USB drives and describes this recent Avengers set below:

The Avengers super heroes are all-time favorites of both adults and children, and with Dane-Elec’s sleek sliding USB drive embedded in it’s base, these realistic replica character statuettes will make a unique and practical gift for all ages.

Ideal for practical use and display. These Avengers USB drives are available for an MSRP of $14.99 each from several outlets including Amazon.

If you get one, some or all, let us know what you think below!

Review: Avengers USB Drives

Where to Buy: Amazon and other stores

Price: $14.99 each (suggested retail price)

What I Like:  display value when not in use, artistic aesthetics, light weight yet durable

What Needs Improvement: more memory, preloaded related items

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