Q Card Case For iPhone 4/4S Review

Q Card Case For iPhone 4/4S Review

I live an active lifestyle and work an active job. One thing I hate is carrying things in my pockets. Wallets, keys etc weigh me down and tend to bounce around too much when I am coaching or working out. As a result, free pockets are just as important to me as the comfort of my clothes. If you do not know what I am talking about, try going “pocket empty” for a day… it is liberating. There is,, however, one item that always finds a way to stay with me regardless of what I am wearing or doing. That “thing” is, of course, my iPhone. The addiction, errrrr convenience, of having my phone with me at all times, trumps all of the comfort issues. Several case options are available that let the iPhone double as a wallet. Most reecently I have been using the Q Card Case by CM4. Let’s take a look!

Q Card Case For iPhone 4/4S Review

Product Highlights:

  • Comfortably fits 3 cards (credit cards, IDs, etc) plus cash
  • Lay-flat Screen Guard™ provides ultimate screen protection
  • Soft-touch finish allows case to easily pull out of your pocket
  • Natural Throw™ buttons maintain an organic connection with your iPhone
  • Exclusive patent pending soft-touch rubber and premium fabric design

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will my cards demagnetize sitting so close to the iPhone?

A:  No. Your iPhone will not demagnetize your credit cards. We’ve tested Q Card Case prototypes with the same set cards for over a year with no issues. We’ve heard that some older style hotel room keys could have problems. But then again, those old keys can demagnetize if you just look at them wrong.

Q:  Can I fit more than 3 cards in the case?

A:  We don’t recommend squeezing any more than 3 cards plus cash in the case since this can stretch the fabric beyond its intended design.

Q:  Can I securely fit fewer than 3 cards in the case?

A:  Yes. The Q Card Case was designed to securely hold 1, 2, or 3 cards in the case.

Q Card Case For iPhone 4/4S Review

Think of the Q Card Case as a supplement to what is usually carried by a wallet or purse. Basically, it is an attractive case that sports a pocket on the back that holds up to three cards and a few dollars in cash. It is perfect when you are on the go or when only an I.D. and a debit or credit card is all you need. The case comes in black, white, green and pink and is, overall, an attractive case. Surprisingly, the case adds a slight amount of size of the overall case but does not feel more bulky than any of my favorite cases. The wallet pocket has a leather look similar to my usual front pocket wallet. The case itself is made of a soft rubber material that feels good in the hand while also providing plenty of iPhone protection. A bezel on the front of the case protects the iPhone when it is placed faced down and all of the buttons are protected but functional. Perhaps the biggest selling point of this case for me is that I like it even when not using it as a wallet.

Q Card Case For iPhone 4/4S Review

I included the FAQ from the company above because all three of these questions were asked of me when people saw me carrying the Q Card Case. So to repeat, there is no need to worry about a card becoming demagnetized due to the iPhone battery and while more than three cards is not recommended, the case will still safely hold a single card or just cash. I currently am carrying my ID, debit card, hunting license and a few bills. Items are held safely but are also easy to remove from the wallet. (A small slot at the bottom of the pocket allows items to be pushed up while being removed for ease of use.) If you need to carry more items a regular wallet or purse is probably best, but the case is perfect for a trip to the movies or a work out. Anything that would only need minimum items to be carried is a prime opportunity for this case to be put to work.

Q Card Case For iPhone 4/4S Review

The Q Card Case is not only attractive, but quit functional at protecting your precious iPhone. I had no problem using the case even while not using as a wallet and love the convenience of being able to leave everything not needed at home and only carry my phone. My pockets have been truly liberated! No more bouncing pockets and weighted down pants. If I could just carry the Q Card Case on my phone and no keys, I would be a happy man. Find out more information from the CM4 website.

Q Card Case

MSRP: $39.99

What I like: Attractive case that provides plenty of protection while freeing me of my wallet. It is super thin!

What could be improved: I would not mind seeing an option of having a money clip on the outside similar to most front pocket wallets.

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