SongPop For iPhone Review

SongPop For iPhone Review

SongPop For iPhone Review

I have a habit of playing name that tune and artist with my wife when we are listening to music. She hates it because she never learns who artists are, just listens to music. Music plays a huge role in my life and I have always been one of those people who always know who is playing the song on the radio for certain genres. In fact, I always wanted to compete on Rock and Roll Jeopardy when it was on VH1. I recently saw a former high school classmate posting information from SongPop on Facebook and thought it looked interesting. Oh yeah, my own personal Rock and Roll Jeopardy is now available on my phone! Let’s take a look.

SongPop For iPhone Review

Are you ready to rock? Listen to song clips to test your music recognition – then send challenges to your friends! Prove that you’re a true music master with Song Pop, the best FREE music app! Play with songs by your favorite artists, explore new genres, and rediscover nostalgic classics with our fun quizzes! Connect with Facebook to find and play with your friends, or create random matches with music-loving strangers! ——> Game Features! <—— ? From Today’s Hits to Classic Rock, start with 6 basic playlists – there’s something for everyone! ? Play with thousands of songs from the Golden Oldies to today! ? Invite your friends to quick challenges and see who has the best music memory! ? Unlock new playlists featuring more genres, more artists, and special song collections!

SongPop For iPhone Review

To get started with SongPop, sign in with your Facebook account if you want to be able to play friends. I have already begun challenges with several friends. You can also add games from usernames, email or play random opponents. Once a challenge is sent, users take turns playing the same set of songs and a game count is kept each week. There are a ton of music genres to choose from and many more that are purchased using in game coins that are earned with wins.

SongPop For iPhone Review

Each game consists of five songs. Players will be presented with four choices of either artists or song names and must tap the correct answer as quickly as possible. Points are awarded for each correct answer with quicker responses getting more. If you cannot get the answer, you can tap the golden note on the bottom to help out. A word of warning, missing a song is a huge hit in points. You want to get them all correct if possible, even if that means wasting a few seconds. As correct answers are given, users also earn stars as seen below the players profile pictures. The more stars earned, means the more songs available in those genres. You will find out where your strengths are rather quickly.

SongPop For iPhone Review

A word of warning if you choose to play SongPop. It is extremely addictive. I started a large number of random games so I could continue playing and now I am getting a ton of push notifications that it is my time. I also realized that I know little about modern hits and current rap. Must mean I am getting old! If you love music like I do and are always the guy who know who is playing each song on the radio, go get SongPop here in the app store for free!

What I like: Finally found people who want to play name that tune with me! Super addictive.

What could be improved: Only thing I see is my knowledge of newer music.

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SongPop For iPhone Review


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SongPop For iPhone Review


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SongPop For iPhone Review


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