Here Are Some of the Best New iPhone XS Max Cases Available

Pitaka MagCase

After paying up to $1500 (!!) for your iPhone XS Max, chances are you are looking for a solid case that will protect it. Here are a few great options to add to your checkout bin ahead of the phone’s being available on Friday.

Speck Presidio V Grip $44.95

Probably at the top of my list is the Speck V Grip Case. A blend between the Presidio Clear and the Presidio Grip, the Speck V Grip case allows you to not only show off the back of your device, but it is super grippy in hand. Also, there’s a drop protection of 10 feet.

NOMAD Tri-Folio Case

A fan favorite here on Gear Diary, the Tri-Folio case by Nomad is everything you could want from your iPhone case if you’re looking to leave your wallet behind. Chances are you always have your phone in your hand anyway, so why not have up to six of your favorite cards with you? Not only that, the leather ages beautifully with use, giving a patina that is even better than Apple’s own leather cases.

Totallee Clear Thin Case $25

If you don’t want a bulky case and rather show off all of the curves of your new smartphone, check out the Totallee thin cases. With no branding anywhere on the case, the Totallee cases are well known to add a bit of flair to your iPhone, without taking away the aesthetics. And at only $20, it’s one of the more affordable options you’ll find.

Pitaka Aramid MagCase

This is the case that Judie has put on her last three iPhones; she swears by it. Although it looks like carbon fiber, it’s actually Aramid — a strong woven fiber that doesn’t cause any wireless signal loss issues. At $44.99, the Pitaka Aramid MagCase is thin, light, and super tough; best of all — it has strategically placed metal plates built-in so it will work with Pitaka’s growing list of magnet mounts and accessories like their new MagDock, while still allowing you to wirelessly charge your phone.

Otterbox Symmetry Case $49.99

Otterbox is known for their protective cases, however, if you want great protection without the bulk, the Symmetry series by Otterbox is a great start. Available in a multitude of colors, the Symmatry also adds a six-foot drop protection, with raised edges so even the front of your screen is protected from a potential fall.

Catalyst Impact Protection Case $49.99

Catalyst’s Impact Protection is a streamlined case that is slim on all four sides, clear on the back, with a standout mute rocker on the side which is a welcome change to your iPhone. There’s even a lanyard attachment you can purchase so you are never without your new phone.

Casemate WaterFall $39.99

Sometimes you want to show your phone off, but what if you could show off your phone in an elegant case that shimmers? That’s what you’ll get with the Casemate Waterfall. With a 10-foot drop protection, the Waterfall case emulates a snow globe effect which will get you a lot of turning heads and compliments.

Casemate Mother of Pearl $49.99

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but for all of the friends you are trying to keep in contact with, you tend to use your smartphone. Why not do it with flair? Inspired by Lucite handbags from the 1950’s is the Casemate “Mother of Pearl” case, which not only has proper drop protection but will stand out in a crowd. It’s also compatible with wireless charging if you are into that.

Toast Case for iPhone XS Max (starting at) $34.99

Made of environmentally friendly materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill, the TOAST smartphone skins are a welcome change to the dated plastic case you might be attempting to purchase for your latest flagship phone. The wooden phone cover gives your phone a bit more grip than it normally would have and covers every curve of your iPhone XS Max. For an additional cost, you can add a design or logo to the front or back of the case, even adding custom text to let everyone know it’s your phone and not theirs.

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