Happiness is a Maple Bacon Donut: Happy SysAdmin Day!

Happiness is a Maple Bacon Donut: Happy SysAdmin Day!

Yesterday Twitter had a pretty major outage.  Even though it wasn’t the best moment for the SysAdmins who work for Twitter, it’s something I appreciate when I see the hard work they do.  I am also a SysAdmin and today someone did for me what I think is the best thing ever.  They bought our team donuts.  Why did they do that today? Well today is System Administrator Appreciation Day.  Today is the day that you should set aside at least a few minutes to appreciate all the hard work that your SysAdmin does to keep your system or favorite website up.  Do you remember the last time Amazon.com or Gmail was ever down?  I sure don’t.  They don’t go down because of the tireless and sometimes unappreciated hard work that all happens in the background to keep the web humming.  SysAdmins give up weekends, holidays and sleep sometimes just to keep the users happy.  Five years ago I gave up my entire Thanksgiving weekend to do a system upgrade.  I tell you this not so that I can whine about it but just so that you know what a SysAdmin will do to keep the business running.

So what can you do to show appreciation for your loyal SysAdmin?  In my case it was a box of donuts.  Really we geeks don’t ask for much, but if you want to buy us a Nexus 7 or an iPad we’d be fine with it!  No really you don’t have to do that.  A box of donuts, a pizza, a bag of Doritos and maybe some Mountain Dew would be more than sufficient.  Even just a thank you let’s us know we are appreciated.

So to the SysAdmins that I depend on (and yes even SysAdmins depend on other SysAdmins) I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Also, know this: I’m right there in the fray with you guys so I know what it’s like!

Did you thank your SysAdmin today??


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