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July 31, 2012 • Music Diary, News

Spotify Brings Free Radio to Android!

Last month Spotify launched a free radio service for iOS devices, marking a departure for the company as previously only Premium users ($9.99/month) had access to the service on mobile devices. Today Spotify has launched the free radio for Android devices as well.

Here are the details:

Play everywhere
? Tap into millions of songs wherever. Just like the desktop, mobile radio has the entire Spotify catalog to choose from.

Just create stations
? Create stations based on any artist, album or playlist, and Spotify brings users one great song after another. They can skip a song if they don’t like it.

Save the songs you love
? When a user likes a song, they can give it a thumbs up and it’ll be saved to a “Liked from Radio” playlist on their desktop, so they can listen whenever they’d like.

Make it more personal
? Every time a song is given a thumbs up (or down), Spotify learns. Its radio gets better the more a user listens.

When I started typing this I was listening to the pre-programmed Jazz radio station, which had a satisfying mix of songs I already knew from folks like Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Dave Brubeck, and more Miles Davis.

I was hoping for a bit more variety in the mix, so I started my own radio station (on the Free version, no less) based off of Miles Davis’ ‘Bitches Brew’. That launched me into some Herbie Hancock, then John Coltrane and Lee Morgan – in other words, starting funky but veering quickly back to the mainstream.

Then I entered ‘Mary Halvorson’, which brought me some Anthony Braxton, Halvorson and Mostly Other People Do the Killing – a satisfying blend of ‘out there’ stuff. Overall a solid addition to an already great service.

Head to Spotify for more details, or just download the app for your Android or iOS device.

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