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August 13, 2012 • News

Grove Makes Your Moleskine Pop

I’ll be flat-out honest about this: I like the idea of Moleskine notebooks, but I’ve never used one. Having a tried and true methodology for capturing information that becomes part of a personal tradition and eventually results in a shelf full of old notebooks representing one’s history over a number of years is so old school and so cool at the same time. (Well, that’s my old-fashioned opinion, anyway.)

But the darn things are boring looking. I mean, plain black. No pizzazz. No pop.

Grove, an iPhone and iPad accessory maker based in Portland, Oregon, has a solution for that. Their new Grove Notebook is a refillable leather cover made for Moleskine large and pocket-sized notebooks. Available in black or tan, the covers can be engraved to give them a more personalized look. You can provide your own image for customized engraving or select from a series of artists designs already available on their website.

The Grove Notebook is available at Prices start at $39 for the small size and $59 for the large in plain (no engraving), $59 and $79 for the artist series, and $79 and $99 for custom engraving.

Grove’s iPhone and iPad cases look pretty interesting also, so check them out.

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