Eight Chocolate Planets for the Discriminating Palate

Eight Chocolate Planets for the Discriminating Palate

I’m still mourning the loss of Pluto, but you’ll find the other eight planets (including the sun) in this luxury chocolate gift box …

Chocolate can taste all of the solar system eight planets, planet is chocolate set. Planets lined up in a row in the package that the image of the universe, like a real solar system space. You can be happy as a gift, is a popular set. “Kaiseki chocolate solar system”?(pictured above) , set of 9 (× 9 individual species 1) ¥ 3,619 (¥ 3,800)

If $46 seems a bit steep, then you can opt for the set which doesn’t include the sun; it’s $38.

What do you get for that kind of money? Click the picture below for a description of each.

Eight Chocolate Planets for the Discriminating Palate

They are almost too pretty to eat!

Chocolate Planets via Thinktank Planetarium

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