Eight Chocolate Planets for the Discriminating Palate

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Eight Chocolate Planets for the Discriminating Palate

I’m still mourning the loss of Pluto, but you’ll find the other eight planets (including the sun) in this luxury chocolate gift box …

Chocolate can taste all of the solar system eight planets, planet is chocolate set. Planets lined up in a row in the package that the image of the universe, like a real solar system space. You can be happy as a gift, is a popular set. “Kaiseki chocolate solar system”?(pictured above) , set of 9 (× 9 individual species 1) ¥ 3,619 (¥ 3,800)

If $46 seems a bit steep, then you can opt for the set which doesn’t include the sun; it’s $38.

What do you get for that kind of money? Click the picture below for a description of each.

Eight Chocolate Planets for the Discriminating Palate

They are almost too pretty to eat!

Chocolate Planets via Thinktank Planetarium

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