CES, a Scottevest No Baggage Challenge 4 Charity and the Haiti Plunge

CES, a Scottevest No Baggage Challenge 4 Charity and the Haiti Plunge

Yes, Larry and I are headed to CES on Monday as part of a Scottevest No Baggage Challenge for Charity. We discuss how this came about on the next Gear Chat Podcast but I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about who this NBC for Charity will benefit since, after all, this is a Charity Challenge.

As part of the Challenge Scott Jordan, founder and CEO of Scottevest will be making a donation. You all are invited to step in and help as well. All the money raised will support The Haiti Plunge and help build a road and “develop a permanent clinic that provides ongoing preventive care, curative care, and health promotional services for the underserved people of 9 mountain villages and the Caberet region of Haiti—the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.”

Here’s an explanation of the what and why of the Haiti Plunge being chosen… Followed by two ways you too can help.

So last year Rob and Danny, members of my community, went to Haiti as part of The Haiti Plunge. Here are some of Rob’s pictures…

The Haiti Plunge does what it does because…

With minimal, often substandard, and frequently unavailable health care, the people of the Caberet and surrounding region of Haiti suffer from lower life expectancy and high maternal, fetal, and infant mortality rates. Childhood infection rates are among the highest in the world, and adults often suffer or die from easily treatable diseases and conditions.

Build the Road to Health
To date, the Church Outreach To Youth (COTY) program has purchased the land, drafted architectural and engineering plans, outlined clinical programs, and identified local staff for a permanent clinic in Galgal, Haiti.

To make the clinic a reality, we must build a viable road for construction vehicles and trucks that carry medical equipment, supplies, and personnel.

You can personally donate HERE. When you do please indicate that you are donating as part of the “Scottevest No Baggage Challenge for Charity, CES/Gear Diary Edition”.

If you are on the fence about helping here’s an official video to get a better sense of what the organization is all about.

Finally- Danny went to Haiti with his dad last year and is returning this April. He and his friend Jeremy were so moved that they set out to do their own part to help raise funds.

CES, a Scottevest No Baggage Challenge 4 Charity and the Haiti Plunge

They designed and produced these awesome T-Shirts and are selling them for just $15 each plus $3 in shipping.

CES, a Scottevest No Baggage Challenge 4 Charity and the Haiti Plunge

A Web site will be launched shortly to streamline the process of selling the shirts but until then, if you are interested in purchasing one of the T-Shirts and, in the process, helping the Haiti Plunge reach its goal, email them HERE. (Include your contact information, choice of white or black t and the size.) I’ll pass your email to Danny and Jeremy and they can take it from there.

CES, a Scottevest No Baggage Challenge 4 Charity and the Haiti Plunge

Larry and I are excited about CES, looking forward the No Baggage Challenge and are appreciative of Scott, Judie and YOUR support.

We’ll keep you posted as we get closer to starting the Challenge.

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