Esoterism Presents the Moat-4 Aroused Comrade Urban Camo iPhone 4S Case


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Esoterism Presents the Moat-4 Aroused Comrade Urban Camo iPhone 4S Case

Most of our readers know I am an avid outdoorsman and hunter, but you all should also know I am a huge fan of our military. As a history teacher and patriot, anything that shows support for our troops is OK by me. I have many ex-students/athletes that have defended our nation bravely. One of my athletes gave the ultimate price, and my best friend took multiple rounds during the Battle of Fallujah and lived to tell about it. I also have a recent graduate who has become an Army Ranger.

With all of that said, I naturally like all things camo, especially digital patterns. When I saw the Moat Aroused Urban Camo case for the iPhone, I knew they had a winner. I love that it pays tribute to the military special forces.

Esoterism Presents the Moat-4 Aroused Comrade Urban Camo iPhone 4S Case

Esoterism’s Moat-4 Aroused Comrade / Urban Camo aluminum case for iPhone 4 / 4S,pays tribute to the elite military forces.

Inspired from digital camouflage combatant uniform, the Moat-4 Aroused Comrade case is understated and battle-savvy in appearance. Urban Camo totem is laser engraved into space gray aluminum frame,a discreet craftsmanship piece that expresses one’s inner desire to strive in battlefield.

CNC craftsmanship transforms a uni-body solid block of aluminum to a piece of esthetic jewel for iPhones 4 / 4S. Simplistic and yet purposeful design curvatures evolves sense of secure and comfort feel holding in hand. Moat-4 completes iPhone 4 and 4S. Aluminum frames provides sturdy protection for iPhone 4S / 4 and non-conductive liners core prevents reception interference. All Moat-4s are compatible with most main stream earphones and transmission lines. The package completes with a mini-screw driver and two back up screws for easy installation.

Check out the case here, at the Esoterism site.

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