Ventev Powerdash r900 Brings Power On the Go X2

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Sometimes the small innovations make the most sense. They can also make you step back and think, “Now why didn’t I think of that?” The Ventev Powerdash r900 is a 2.1A in-car rapid charger for your smartphone or tablet that it is also a 900mAh external battery you can grab when you reach your destination. Brilliant!

Ventev Powerdash r900

Ventev, a division of TESSCO Technologies, explains:

Charge your phone, tablet, or other mobile device via the internal Lithium-ion battery or the rapid car charger. Because of its innovative and compact design this offers power in the car or on the go.

When used in your car, this rapid charger can power any USB powered device at its maximum rate, including tablets. Then take it with you – the integrated battery provides up to 3 hours of additional emergency talk time for your device whenever and wherever you need it. Ultra-compact, this portable charger looks great in your dash and is easy to carry in your pocket. And while plugged into the dash, the charger constantly tops of the battery. Enjoy the best of both worlds with two charging options: rapid car charging and power on the move.

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For a list price of $39.99, you get the slim Powerdash r900 USB rapid car charger. It has a total out put of 2.1A and looks like any old car charger except that it is extra long. That extra length hides a 900mAh battery that is ready to help keep you charge if meetings run longer than expected. And while it certainly isn’t going to replace a monstrous 6000mAh external battery, it just may offer enough extra juice to save the day.

Ventev Powerdash r900

Here it is plugged into my car’s power port.

What I love about this particular offering is the fact that it serves a need many of us have — making it possible for us to keep electronics powered up on the go. But it also offers that little something extra for those times when it is needed. You will likely start using this and forget about the battery … Until you need it that is. Learn more and order yours here.

MSRP: $39.99

What I Like: Works like any automotive car adapter; Has a 900mAh battery inside for emergencies

What Needs Improvement: Requires you to bring your own cable

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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