I-Mego Throne Gold Headphones Review

I-Mego Throne Gold Headphones Review

For anyone who reads any of my posts, you know I love me some headphones. Music and podcasts play a huge part in my life and I usually do not like to burden others with what I am listening to. I am probably not an audiophile, but I prefer my audio to be high quality. I have bought and reviewed many earbuds in the past few years and loved many of them, but for some reason I have never owned a pair of over the ear headphones. Many of my athletes have gone to this style of headphones in the past couple of years, so maybe I knew I could not pull off the young guy look. We recently broke news of some new headphones from I-Mego here on Gear Diary, and I was lucky enough to receive a pair of Throne Gold to review myself. Let’s take a look.

I-Mego Throne Gold Headphones Review

THRONE Gold feature real leather headbands, complete with signature I-MEGO stitching, in-line microphone and adaptor cables compatible with all smart phone with 3.5mm plug including iPhone, Sony-Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung mobile phone. Both designs combine artistry with technological innovation, creating new audio gear that delivers clear and heavy sounds with a sleek and stylish look.

One-button music control with microphone take calls and control your music directly from your headphones.

THRONE Gold is geared towards big bass for rock, R&B, or hip hop.

I-Mego Throne Gold Headphones Review

As I stated earlier, this is my first over the ear headphones. One thing I was concerned with was the fit and comfort as opposed to in ear buds. I am happy to report that the Throne Gold are extremely comfortable and do not feel bulky. In fact, the soft pads around the ear make these much more comfortable than any of my ear bud style headphones. The padding is super fluffy and the cover is silky soft. At no time did I experience ear fatigue, and their light weight made them easy to wear for long periods of time.

I-Mego Throne Gold Headphones Review

Wearing headphones over the ear means everyone will be able to see them, so style is a huge issue. The Throne gold remind me of an old school microphone. In fact, I think they have a steam punk feel. The shiny gold would usually not be my cup of tea, but the comfort and audio quality let me overlook my usual style and happily wear these.

I-MEGO brings a headphone with attention to detail. From the old school main design down to the padded headband with the logo stitched into it. The product looks and feels like quality was a top priority when they were being designed. I love the look and feel.

I-Mego Throne Gold Headphones Review

No headphone is worth owning if they do not bring a great audio experience. As with all of my reviews, I listen to a variety of music genres to see how different styles sound. The range of the Throne Gold blew me away. Whether listening to my buddy’s Texas Country tracks to hard rock or some old school rap, I was impressed by the audio quality. As I type this my rap from the 80’s and early 90’s is playing. The bass is deep and the highs are crisp. Many of our audio listening experiences are from subpar speakers and low quality MP3s these days. It is refreshing to listen to my music as it was intended to be heard. I give the I-MEGO Throne Gold headphones two enthusiastic thumbs up in the audio department. I have honestly been listening to more music around the house because of them. They even have a microphone and can be used to make phone calls. No need to change headphones or unplug while on the go.

The Throne Gold from I-MEGO presents a stylish, well-built, over the ear headphone with phone features and couples them with superior audio quality to bring a wonderful audio experience. It has been great to hear full-range music again. The Throne gold has definitely made me a believer in over the ear headphones and I would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for a superior pair of headphones. If the gold is not your thing, do not fret. I-Mego makes the same headphone in three other color schemes with the same quality and sound. Check the Throne Gold out at the I-MEGO website.

I-MEGO Throne Gold

MSRP: $139.90

What I Like: I love the fit and comfort and the audio quality is fantastic. The Throne definitely enhance my audio experience.

What Needs Improvement: My only addition would be a volume rocker on the phone microphone.

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