Please Make it STOP! Trailer for the ‘Official Sequel’ to ‘A Christmas Story’

Please Make it STOP! Trailer for the 'Official Sequel' to 'A Christmas Story'

For ages now, a tradition in our family has been watching our DVD (and VHS before that) of ‘A Christmas Story’, the beloved 1983 story of Ralphie Parker based on semi-fictional recollections from Jean Shepard of his youth. It is one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ movies that was not much of a hit at theaters but gained tremendously over time – much like the original (I say, only) ‘Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’.

While I am not one to say something is going to ‘ruin my memories’, or that a crappy sequel or remake can destroy my love of an original … I often think that the quality systems process of ‘The 5 Whys’ in which you need to dig into something very deeply to get to the root cause, should be applied to things such as the Total Recall remake … and THIS!

Now apparently there was already a ‘sequel’ called ‘My Summer Story’ from 1994, but that never caught hold and wasn’t apparently all that good. Based on the cast, I am not surprised.

Now we have ANOTHER sequel, this one based around Ralphie as a teen. Here are the basics:

The film sequel follows Ralphie as a teenager. He no longer yearns for a Red Ryder BB gun, but now wants a 1938 Hupmobile Skyline Convertible. There are a few things that haven’t changed: Triple dog dares, and the fact that the old man — Ralphie’s dad — is still obsessed with that fishnet-stocking-adorned leg lamp.

“A Christmas Story 2” stars Daniel Stern (“Home Alone,” “City Slickers”) as the crotchety, lighting fixture-fixated dad, and Ralphie is played by accomplished child actor Braeden Lemasters (“Men of a Certain Age,” “Easy A”).

Like the original, the sequel is based on the writing of the late Jean Shepherd.

Not surprisingly (especially after watching the trailer) this is headed direct to DVD, which is apparently a dying market, and this movie could be one of the final ‘direct to DVD’ releases for Warner Bros due to what they call “a decline in the direct-to-video film market.”

Personally I think you would be better setting up your own village of Christmas Story Dept 56 pieces.

Here is the trailer for the horrific looking mess:

So … what do you think?

Source: Neatorama

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