Aqua Zinger Water Bottle, Review

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Water! It is wet.
Water! It is cold (when it comes out of the fridge at least)!
Water! It is key to a healthy life.
Water! Too often it has been replaced by sugary soda and “sports drinks”. And it is killing us.

Water is healthy. Soda is not. Unfortunately soda tastes awesome and waters… well it tastes like water. It is, in fact, why I have been drinking (way too much) Crystal Light for the past few months. Yes, diet drinks are bad for us too but I like the flavor and miss the flavor when I drink water most of the time. A better alternative is Elana’s fruit water but that takes preparation and forethought. Neither are my forte. That’s where the Aqua Zinger water bottle comes in. It is a neat little system for taking water and, within a few twists, turning it into something more.

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From Aqua Zinger:

As most of us know, we need to drink more water, but even in concept it can come off as a chore. The Aqua Zinger offers a fun new way to enjoy drinking water and reduce food cravings. With the Aqua Zinger you can drink significantly more water and still satisfy your palate, as well as your body’s need for hydration and energy.

The Aqua Zinger water bottle works by subtly infusing water with flavors. From cucumber to lemon and lime, to blackberries, kiwi, strawberry, peach, ginger, or even mint – your Aqua Zinger can infuse them all. Mix and match and get creative; the flavors and ingredients are only limited by your imagination.

The Aqua Zinger has the unique ability to create all-natural beverage options, as well as help increase the frequency of water consumption. (When water is this delicious, it’s hard to avoid!) With Zing, the naturally-flavored waters are flavorful and refreshing.

A leak-proof cap is included so you can Zing in the car, on the treadmill, at the office – anywhere on the go.

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So how does it work?

Do the twist! The stainless steel bottle has a bottom-mounted grinder that retains the ground pulp of your ingredients, but allows the pure extracted flavors to travel through a fine-combed mesh screen and infuse the water.

All you need to do is add fresh ingredients, twist, and shake!

Here’s a video look.

Here’s a rundown of the features:

double wall stainless steel keeps your drink and ingredients insulated

finger hole provided for easy carrying

wide mouth top allows for easy filling and ice cubes, if needed

cushioned base through a soft rubber base pad to prevent slippage

health-safe materials – BPA/EA-free Tritan Plastic from Eastman and 18/8 stainless steel

extra deep ingredient cup allows for maximized flavor

easy to clean


hot and cold liquid safe

carbonated water friendly

Using your Zinger

So how exactly do you use this thing? Here’s the step-by-step instructions… or just watch the video. It only takes a few minutes but, once you zing it is best to wait for a bit while the water steeps. (Yeah, I missed that part in the video demo…)

Ease of operation is the Zing standard. Throughout our development process it remained a strong design focus. Each Zinger is simple to clean and allows you to enjoy creating tasty new infusions.

unscrew the bottom of the Zinger

add ingredients of your choice

screw bottom lid back on

fill with water (or other liquid of choice)

shake and let soak

Now you are ready to enjoy! When you screw on the bottom cup, the blades simultaneously grind the ingredients, releasing flavorful juices and allowing them to seep into the water. Zing!

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The company points out that an Aqua infusion has a shelf life of three days if refrigerated and if you plan to drink the full bottle within a 12-hour period you don’t need to chill it at all.

The Aqua Zinger water bottle is simple to use and is a decent water bottle in and of itself. In my demo I didn’t fing the blades cutting the melon as much as I expected. Then again, had I let the bottle steep I suspect there would have been a far more powerful flavor than what I experienced. I am impressed with the construction of the Aqua Zinger water bottle and will be interested to see how it holds up over time.

What is striking to me is the fact that the company also offers a Vodka Zinger bottle. I ordered one of these as well and… they are exactly the same product. That’s why the second one is on the way to text. I just want to know… can you Zing Kev’s home-brew?

You can learn more and order yours here.

MSRP: $25.95

What I Like: Works as promised; Well constructed and solid; Works as a simple water bottle too; Let’s you make the drink you want

What Needs Improvement: Still not as tasty as Mountain Dew; Vodka Zinger appears to be the exact same product; If you won’t use regularly get a plain water bottle

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