The Polar Grit X Pro and Grit X Pro Titan Are Ready for Your Outdoor Fitness Adventures

Whether your idea of exercise is a daily walk to the park, running along wilderness trails in rural areas, training for a marathon, or readying yourself for a daring climb to the top of a far-away mountain, the Polar Grit X Pro and the Polar Grit X Pro Titan are ready for your next adventure. The Polar Grit X Pro series offers military-grade durability and ultra-long battery life while giving you extensive training, recovery, sleep, and navigation features designed to help an outdoor enthusiast handle nearly any environment.

Polar Grit X Pro series

Polar is just like the rest of us, itching to get outside and make up for time spent in quarantines and lockdowns. Polar’s new Grit series is designed to track your fitness and take a beating doing it. They are committing to keeping up with your adventures with up to 40 hours of GPS and HR tracking along with a whopping 100 hours of battery life if you use power-saving options. If you drop it down to pure watch mode, they say you can get seven days of battery life.

That’s amazing for a GPS-connected watch, and you’re getting Polar’s best-in-class heart rate tracking, navigation tracking, including turn by turn guidance, and of course, regular smartwatch features like notifications. Polar also provides sleep data as well as running analysis for a truly holistic view of your health.

Polar Grit X Pro series

And exploring new places can be beneficial for more than just the immediate adventure. According to Polar, users that explored new areas in the past year had better sleep quality, took more steps, and had slightly lower heart rates. Basically, getting out and exploring new places is good for you, and Polar wants to help you really rock those experiences.

Polar Grit X Pro Titan

Polar Grit X Pro Titan

And if you use a Polar Grit X Pro or Polar Grit X Pro Titan, you’re checking out new spaces in style. Both versions have Sapphire glass lenses with a military-grade design. Grit X Pro comes in Nordic Copper, Black DLC, and Arctic Gold and will come in at $499.90.

Grit Pro X Titan offers all the same benefits as the Grit X Pro, but with a titanium case that’s lighter and tougher. You also get both the FKM synthetic rubber wristband and a leather one so you can go from the trail to the office. Titan is a bit pricier than the regular Grit X Pro, coming in at $599.95.

If the Grit Pro X family isn’t a good fit for you, Polar also updated the Vantage V2 in red ($499.95/$549.95 with H10 heart monitor), Polar Vantage V2 Shift ($549.95), and on the budget side, Polar Unite comes in at $149.95.

On their website, you can find the whole family of Polar devices, including the new Polar Grit X Pro and Grit X Pro Titan, so head over there and then head out and explore!

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