iPhone 5 Case Roundup, Volume 1

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So Apple’s big fall musical event has come and gone. The big surprise this time out? There were no surprises. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Klum. What we got was the exact iPhone that had been leaked. And yes, it looks like a taller thinner iPhone 4S. Kinda like the chunky teen that finally lost the adolescent weight gain. Still, Judie and I are both going to order one tomorrow.

Want to know another non-surprise that happened yesterday? No sooner did the Apple event end than we were flooded with emails from companies about their upcoming iPhone 5 offerings. While we could post on each and every one, we thought we might do a few initial round-up posts because the actual review samples arrive.

In this first roundup we have a new offering from our newsletter underwriter Bodyguardz, new cases from Case-Mate, new offerings from Scosche, cases from Kensington, an update to Otterbox’s line and new offerings from iLuv. A quick look follows…

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Bodyguardz is jumping into the glass screen protector market in a big way with their Pure Premium Glass Screen Protector. The $39.95 screen protector will ship in early October and comes with

• Premium Pure tempered glass screen protector

• Micro fiber cleaning cloth

• Alcohol wipe / cleaner

• Installation instructions

• Advantage Replacements

• 30-day Money Back Guarantee

As they explain,

When it comes to touch screens, nothing tops the functionality, feel and clarity of glass. The same is true of screen protectors. Made from a special chemically-tempered glass exceeding the hardness of steel, ScreenGuardz® Pure™ Premium Glass Screen Protector sets the standard in protection. A smudge-resistant coating and high touch sensitivity ensure performance in equal measure. No matter what you’re protecting, ScreenGuardz Pure is the clear choice.

Why ScreenGuardz Pure Glass Protector?

• Protection – 8H+ surface hardness surpasses steel, offering superior durability and scratch prevention, as well as shock, heat and chemical resistance

• Clarity – Crystal clear resolution and optical clarity far exceeds that of ordinary plastic protectors

• Appearance – A smudge-resistant coating prevents fingerprints and facilitates cleaning

• Functionality – A thin .4mm thickness allows for greater touch sensitivity and exceptional form factor

• Ease of Use – A special adhesive makes application and removal a snap

• Safety – Anti-shatter glass minimizes risk of injury if the glass is broken

Check it out here.

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Case-Mate, always a great choice if you want a wide variety and selection of cases, is rolling out updates to their line as well as some brand new cases.

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Scosche has numerous offerings too. One that caught my eye is this VAULTkase. It is a

protective case with integrated storage vault to hold credit cards, IDs or money. It’s time to ditch the wallet!

This might be particularly useful since the iPhone 5 does not include NFC (near field communication). Check out all the offerings here.


And if you are getting a new (overpriced) iPod touch, then Scosche has a line of cases for you are well!

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Our friends at Kensington have also rolled out a line of cases. One of them is the Kensington Back Case with SoftTouch for iPhone 5. It comes in Light Pink, Black and Grey) It will

Protect your iPhone from bumps and scratches in this lightweight case. The Kensington Back Case has a sturdy shell that covers the back of your phone to ensure complete protection from scratches on the move while still allowing easy access to all controls, touchscreen and ports.

Check out the full lineup here.

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I know you will be shocked to find out that Otterbox has updated their line as well. All your favorite Otterbox cases for the iPhone 4S will be available for the iPhone 5. Better still, the company is continuing to add color and style to their once-utilitarian cases. Check them out here.

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Finally, iLuv already has a full lineup of cases for the new iPhone. As Brian Yang, VP of Sales and Marketing at iLuv put it,

Consumers always rush out in masses the minute Apple introduces a new device. And while their first priority is always purchasing the new item, their second is usually how they can make that item unique to themselves. iLuv has the proud tradition of delivering a wide range of innovative, high-quality and fashionable accessories as soon as new Apple products hit the shelves and the release of the iPhone 5 is no exception.”

The cases range in price from $19.99 to $54.99. You can check them all out here. Two that caught my eye are…


The $34.99 Twain Dual Protection Case.

And the $39.99 Camera Case.

We’re looking forward to reviewing these and many more accessories for the iPhone 5 in the coming weeks.

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