Ballistic Case Company Has Your Phone Covered

Everybody seems to be making phone cases these days, but with so many devices sold each and every day it is easy to see the need for this flood of accessories. So how does one separate themselves from the herd? Come up with a clever name – say, Ballistic Case for instance – and back that up with products that deliver.

Ballistic Case Company Has Your Phone Covered

Ballistic Jewel and Tough Jacket cases/Images by Author

Ballistic Case Company does just that and recently sent along two cases for the iPhone 6 for review, the minimalistic Jewel case along with the heftier two-piece Tough Jacket. They offer a range of cases for a host of devices from varying manufacturers.

The first thing I noticed on these cases is the larger corners – dubbed Ballistic Corners – that are designed to provide six-sided drop protection for your device. The raised lips and corners of the Ballistic cases provide a minimum of six feet of drop protection assisted by shock absorbent polymers and polycarbonate shells in some designs.

Ballistic Case Company Has Your Phone Covered

Jewel Case

As I mentioned, the Jewel Case is minimalistic in design and conception. It features those protective Ballistic Corners in a one-piece wraparound soft yet resilient silicone shell. The manufacturer provided us with a red case, one of the four colors offered in this line. I like the feel of this case as it does not easily slip out of my hand in all types weather and conditions and the case makes the device easily pocketable, which is where I carry my phone.

The Jewel Case is easily applied and removed with openings making use of the device easy and efficient. The Jewel Case is priced at $19.99 MSRP and is available for a multitude of devices across varying brands.

Ballistic Case Company Has Your Phone Covered

Tough Jacket

A couple of steps up in the Ballistic Case Co. lineup is the Tough Jacket device case that features all of Ballistic’s basic protection in a two-piece design consisting of an inner pliable synthetic liner wrapped in a hard polycarbonate shell. Tough Jacket is available in solid black, as our review unit was, or two-tone silver and black. It features the raised Ballistic Corners and protects your device from drops of at least six feet. The Tough Jacket is easily pocketable like the Jewel Case and is priced at $34.99 MSRP.

Applying Tough Jacket to your phone or device is a simple two-step process of first wrapping the unit in the silicone inner liner and then snapping the shell around back. It is held in place with wraparound grips on each side. It is lightweight and adds minimal bulk to your phone or device while wrapping it in a tough security blanket.

Ballistic Case Company Has Your Phone Covered

Ballistic Jewel and Tough Jacket Cases from Ballistic Case Company

Source: Manufacturer supplied review units

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What I Like: Raised Ballistic Corners and lightweight yet rugged design

What Needs Improvement: I did not find any fault with these cases during testing

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