Waterfield SFBags iPhone 5 Cases Up for Pre-Order

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Our friends at Waterfield let us know that their iPhone 5 cases are available for pre-order now. Their selection includes the iPhone Wallet, the iPhone Hint, the iPhone Smart Case, the iPhone Suede Jacket and the iPhone Travel Case. As they explain, with these cases you can…

Carry everything you need with the iPhone Wallet or iPhone Hint. Get smart and stylish protection with the Smart Case; make it light and tight with the Suede Jacket; and get organized with the iPhone Travel Case. You’ll find an iPhone Case for every style and need.

Why so many styles? Because, as company founder Gary Waterfield puts it, “I’ve learned that every technology user has different needs. We offer five custom iPhone 5 Cases so customers may choose the best solution for their lifestyles.”

Here’s a quick look.

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There’s the iPhone Wallet:

iPhone, Cash, Cards and Carry. You’re set with your wallet contents plus your iPhone—all in one compact, leather case. Rather than taking two separate items, now you can put your iPhone into the iPhone Wallet along with your cash and credit cards and head out the door. The front window on the iPhone Wallet lets you both see and use your iPhone without needing to take it out every time someone texts or calls. For long calls you may want to take the phone out, but when needed you can talk right through the case.

Available in brown or black, naturally-tanned leather, the iPhone case has a rigid Ultrasuede® divider that keeps your iPhone safe and separate from pockets to hold the rest. The iPhone Wallet. Simplify your life.

The iPhone Wallet comes in two sizes—one to fit the iPhone 5 and one to fit the iPhone 4S with or without the Bumper, and the iPhone 3GS. It is $39 and ships September 28.

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There’s the iPhone Hint:

Take a Hint. Sometimes all you need is your iPhone plus a couple of bills and maybe a license or credit card. Slip all these into the iPhone Hint™ and you’re good to go with this light and simple iPhone Case. The iPhone Hint™ is a subtle case made of your choice of black or brown, naturally-tanned leather. A front window lets you both see and use your iPhone, so there’s never a need to guess who just texted or called. A stretchy back pocket provides just enough room for a few bills and cards. Take a Hint and hit the road running.

The iPhone Hint comes in two sizes: iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S (without the Bumper). The iPhone Hint is $25 and ships October 3.

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There’s the iPhone 5 Smart Case:

The design looks simple, but the intent is hard-core protection without the bulk. At under-an-inch thin, this case sports luxurious padding to keep your iPhone snug and secure. Available in six new colors with distressed leather trim.

The iPhone Smart Case is $39 to $45, comes in black, copper, pine, green, flame or pearl and ships October 5.

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There’s the iPhone Suede Jacket:

It doesn’t get any thinner than this. The Suede Jacket Sleeve helps prevent scratches and dings on your iPhone and the custom-sizing plus stretch memory of the Ultrasuede® ensures a snug fit. Go classic with black or go wild with Cheetah or Zebra prints.

It costs $10 to $16 and is available in black, zebra or cheetah. It ships September 28.

The cases look great and we’re looking forward to getting out hands on some of them soon. You can check them out and order here on the Waterfield SFBag website.

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