Color Cables Glow, End Fight Over Whose Cable Is Whose


Color Cables is an Indiegogo campaign running through midnight April 6, 2014. Their goal is to raise $20,000 with which they hope to offer cables for charging and synchronizing your MicroUSB and iOS (30 pin and lightning) devices. But these are no ordinary cables; according to the company each cable glows, is colored, and won’t tangle.

That’s a triple play in my house!

Regular pricing on each cable varies based upon the size. A 3 foot cable is $14.99 while a 6 footer is $19.99. These prices apply for either Micro USB or Apple 30 pin (old style). Add $5 extra for the newer Apple Lighting cables.

These cables could solve lots of arguing about who has taken another person’s cable in multiple device households. The glow-in-the-dark aspect, while gimicky, is actually a handy feature for anyone who has ever stumbled around at their bedside for a charging cord.



Some of the special pricing for Indiegogo backers is  as follows:


  • Apple Lightning Adapter – 6 foot – $ 16 (+$4 shipping)
  • Apple 30 Pin – 3 foot – $ 9 (+$4 shipping)
  • Apple 30 Pin – 6 foot – $ 11 (+$4 shipping)
  • Micro USB – 3 foot – $ 9 (+ $4 shipping)
  • Micro USB – 6 foot – $ 11 (+ $4 shipping)


Additional packages are available for multiple cables with delivery times varying between April and May 2014.


color_cable_chart color_cables_3


More info – Color Cables

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