ShopShop for iOS Review

ShopShop for iOS Review

Type of app: iOS, Universal for iPad and iPhone

Platform/where to buy: iTunes, App Store

Developer: Nikolaj Schumacher

Description (from the App Store): A shopping list. Simple. Free.

ShopShop for iOS Review

Major features: This is a straightforward shopping list. It keeps a master list of items you add regularly, making it easy to rebuild shopping lists each week. It also lets you create multiple lists for different stores, offers Dropbox sync, and has a setting that prevents screen timeout (for those times you are shopping and referencing the phone repeatedly)

Ease of use/Overall performance: This has a surprising number of features for a free, plain shopping list app. That’s not a bad thing, since it does exactly what’s needed. The only quibble I have is that anything beyond straightforward adding/checking off items can get confusing; in an attempt to keep the interface clean, settings, deleting items, and other less-used options take some digging to understand the first time.

Would use again/recommend?: Qualified yes. If you use a full-fledged task manager and like having everything in one spot, this might seem a bit redundant or not powerful enough. However, as a digital version of the old “notepad on the fridge”, this is solid, and having multiple store lists across a few swipes is very handy while running errands. Plus, if you buy the same staple foods over and over again, not having to reinvent the wheel each week with your shopping list is a huge time saver.

Suggested changes/wish list for updates: This is definitely a nitpick, but some of the background colors are just too loud for me (they can be easily adjusted though)

Price: Free

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