Alchemize for iPhone and iPod Touch by Schiau Studios Review


When I saw the press release on this title proclaim that the game “deserves critics attention”, I got myself all ready to dislike this game automatically. Yeah, it’s not fair, but when someone insists that I must like something I’m immediately put into a negative mood. Well now I have spent a bit of time with this game and I may have to change my original ideas. What did I find? Let’s have a look.


At it’s core, the game is kind of a cross between Tetris and many common bubble or Bejeweled type of games.


When I started looking at this game, I was a little frustrated.  There is a story line and instructions within the game, but the instructions failed to mention the basic premise clear terms.  So here it is in a nutshell:  You match 3 (or more) of the same object to make it disappear.  The difference here, is that it will leave a different, higher level, object in it’s place.  You keep doing this until you have clutter on the screen that extends above the horizon – that will end the game.


Items drop in pairs.  You can move them righ or left by swiping your finger right or left across the screen.   You rotate the items by tapping on them.  You drop them into the playing field by swiping downward.  As you can tell, the controls are simple, but, even with simple controls, this game is surprisingly entertaining and addictive.  I keep playing to see what kind of object will appear next!  The music is very well done – although a little more variety would be nice.


What I liked: The graphics and sound (and music) are all top notch.  Gameplay is fun and very addictive.

What Could Use Improvement: The title screen, which is also the main menu, could be a little clearer.  It’s a bit cluttered and hard to read the labels (buttons) you press for various things.  Also – on the game screen – it isn’t as clear as it could be where you should tap to return to the main menu.  Lastly – as I mentioned – I would have like the basic premise explained in a more straightforward manner.


Overall: This game is excellent.  It is a lot of fun and wonderfully addictive.  If you like Tetris or bubble/jewel removal games you owe it to yourself to take a look at this one.  There is even a free “Lite” version so you can check it out.  The full version is $2.99.  Both are available at the AppStore.

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