ioSafe Turns to Indiegogo to Help Fund the “Disaster-Proof Private Cloud”

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We’ve long been fans of ioSafe. We’ve spent time with them as they burnt, crushed and soaked hard drives. We’ve seen the drives abused with shocking results. We also taken shotgun shots as their drives. Now ioSafe has taken things even further. They’s turned to Indiegogo to help fund their newest endeavor, the ioSafe N2. Before we dig into this more deeply take a minute and watch the video.

The company describes the ioSafe N2 as “Disaster-Proof Private Cloud – like an aircraft black box for personal or business data”. I think that is a pretty apt description. Whereas previous ioSafe offerings we tough and have saved countless memories and other important data, this one is ideal for letting you protect your information AND share it across the net but do so privately and without recurring monthly fees. It features:

Local and Remote File Sharing: Between virtually any device from any location online

Cloud Station: File syncing between multiple computers and N2 (like Dropbox)

iTunes Server

Surveillance Station: Video surveillance application

Media Server: Stream videos and music

Photo Sharing: Photo sharing with friends and family

Mail Server: Email server

VPN Server: Manage Virtual Private Network

Download Station: Post files for others to download

Audio Station: Stream audio to smartphone (iOS/Android)

FTP Server: Remote file transfers

Multi-platform compatibility with Mac/PC/MS Server/Linux

This isn’t a rugged hard drive. No, this is a data computer in a box. It has dual redundant disk ( RAID) of up to 8TB, a 2GHz Marvel CPU with 512MB memory, a Gigabit Ethernet Port and additional ports for USB 3 and SD Memory Card
The drives are user replaceable and because this comes from ioSafe it offers amazing protection. Here’s the list.

Protects Data From Fire: DataCast Technology. 1550°F, 1/2 hr per ASTM E119 with no data loss.

Protects Data From Flood: HydroSafe Technology. Full immersion, 10 ft. 3 days with no data loss.

FloSafe Vent Technology: Active air cooling during normal operation. FloSafe Vents automatically block destructive heat during fire by water vaporization – no moving parts

Physical theft protection (optional floor mount, door security – coming Q1 2013)

Kennsington® Lock Compatible

The N2 comes with a year of Data Recovery Service (DRS) that includes $2500/TB for forensic recovery costs for any reason if needed. The device is big. It is 5.9″W x 9.0″H x 11.5″L and weighs in at 23 lbs. The company plans to release this in January of next year but to fund it they have turned to Kickstarter competitor Indiegogo. Why? Simple. ioSafe is a small, 25-person company and this approach will help fund the project. Check out the details, the various backer levels and the various rewards here, on the project page.

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