The ’90s Live on … in My Attic

The '90s Live on ... in My Attic

We have been cleaning out our attic, and found this piece of “once-cutting edge technology”. Yes, Sarah’s ruggedized CD player was her prized possession in the ’90’s…and while it was no doubt super-cool at the time, it’s amazing that we once carried these around happily. Even old school cassette players were less cumbersome!

The '90s Live on ... in My Attic

The next time a phone, or a rugged case, feels too big…just remember how big an old school portable CD player used to be…that will make your Otterbox Defender look downright svelte in comparison!

The '90s Live on ... in My Attic

We found some other cool stuff in our attic, including a Sega Genesis and an original Nintendo, but since this was “operation cleanup”, and not “operation hop on eBay to find the cables for these devices and hook up a bunch of old video game systems just because”, we sent them on to electronics recycling. Still, it’s like a trip through the 80’s and 90’s up there!

Have you discovered any cool old tech cleaning out your home? Let us know some of your finds in the comments! And thanks to this walk down memory lane, I have “The Dream of the 90’s” from Portlandia running through my head…and now you can too! Enjoy!

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