Nitrodesk Launches TouchDown for iOS!

Nitrodesk Launches TouchDown for iOS!

I had been using TouchDown to access my work email since the original Motorola Droid first launched until for security reasons they clamped down on all mobile email access. It provided me a virtual Outlook environment that enhanced my productivity and let me work without worrying about having access to a laptop for an extended time period. In fact, just about a year ago I featured TouchDown in a post called Apps I Can’t Live Without: Touchdown for Android
During these last few years I have heard a constant question – when are you releasing an iOS version?

Well … the answer is NOW! TouchDown is now available in the app store for $19.99. Here is the description:

With more than a million users, TouchDown is the leading Microsoft® ActiveSync email solution for securing corporate email on mobile devices. This cost-effective solution provides a highly secure container for all corporate data so administrators can successfully separate and partition corporate data from personal, ensuring their bring your own device (BYOD) programs are not only flexible, but also secure. TouchDown provides comprehensive support for Exchange®, Information Rights Management (IRM) and Data Loss Protection policies. Using AES-256 encryption, TouchDown adds an extra layer of security, while also providing more than 80% of Outlook® functionality. While TouchDown is a robust stand-alone solution, it also provides seamless integration with all of the leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions.

-Data at Rest encryption
-Remote wipe/kill
-AES-256 encryption
-IRM support with Exchange 2010(SP2)
-PIN Policy at application level
-Enterprise Configuration Extensions
-Separation of personal data and corporate data

-Edit signature line with HTML support
-BCC Self
-Move and sync folders
-Download attachments
-Enable HTML
-Access the Global Address List
-Flag for follow up
-Customizable Body Styles
-Assign Categories

-Customize notification options for Emails, Appointments & Tasks
-Badge on new email
-Push email when app is in foreground

-Edit, Update and Delete appointments
-Accept, decline and create meetings
-Assign categories
-Agenda, Day, Week and Month views
-Customizable work week
-Support for Zooming

-One-way export to device phonebook
-Call or email from contact list
-Create, Edit and Delete contacts
-Edit multiple fields
-Add photo
-Assign categories

-Create, Edit and Delete tasks
-Assign categories
-Sync multiple folders

-Create, Edit and Delete notes
-Assign categories
-Sync multiple folders

The developers added one special note: “TouchDown for iOS requires your Exchange Server to support ActiveSync protocol. Before purchasing, please confirm with your IT that ActiveSync is enabled for you.”

Also, whereas the Android version has a 30-day trial, for iOS you simply need to purchase the app – so make sure it will work before buying!

Check out for more details.

Head to the App Store and check out TouchDown!

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