Check Out the New Apple iPod Commercial ‘Bounce’

Check Out the New Apple iPod Commercial 'Bounce'

Apple’s latest ad is for their now-shipping updated iPod line, which has the simple description: Every iPod now in color.

The commercial is about the cool and colorful iPod new line-up and offers seamless transitions between the Touch, Nano and Shuffle accompanied by a funky song. It is a positive, good-feeling commercial. Some things (good and bad) not mentioned in the video:

+ The 5th gen iPod Touch is the most ‘iPhone-like’ version yet.

– The iPod Touch STILL doesn’t contain a GPS

+ The Nano is incredibly small and has a 2.5″ screen

– But you have to load the Nano using a cable!

+ The new  Touch and Nano come with the newly designed EarPods!

– However, none of the new EarPods have the integrated controls and microphone.

Here is the video:

What do you think?

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