808 Audio EarCanz Sport: A Great Pair of Bluetooth Gym Earbuds

A good pair of gym earphones at a reasonable price are hard to come by. If you are looking for a great affordable pair of in-ear headphones to get you through a tough workout, look no further than the 808 Audio EarCanz Sport, a wireless pair of earbuds that honestly can do it all.

808 Audio EarCanz Sport: A Great Pair of Bluetooth Gym Earbuds

Similar to the normal 808 EarCanz, the 808 Audio Ear Canz Sport have become a mainstay in my gym bag, and get me through every gym session, be it weight lifting, running, or even just the casual listening session on the massage table after that hour-long session. Available in black, blue or green, the EarCanz Sport are not only water-resistant, but with an estimated nine hours of battery life, there have been a few cases where I’ve forgotten to charge them up, and still had enough battery life to go for 2-3 sessions in the gym.

Built to last, the 808’s have flexible ear hooks that adjust to virtually every ear, including mine. This is great, because as someone who’s tried other brands, including Beats hooked earbuds, the EarCanz Sport by 808 are adjustable to a whole new level, so now when I’m doing box jumps, jumping jacks, or any motion heavy workout, the EarCanz Sport don’t move around over my ear causing me to have to readjust them in the middle of a workout.

They come with three included silicone ear tips that work as they should, although when you sweat a lot I did notice that they would tend to wiggle a little bit. There are music/talk controls on the right side which help with changing tracks on the fly without pulling our your phone which I like. 808 mentions that the EarCanz Sport has an EQ bass boost, and for a $50 pair of earbuds, I have to say they sound pretty good considering the price.

There will be audiophiles who complain about minuscule things that they lack, however, if you are simply using these for what they are intended for, runs, gym, workouts or just even casually listening at your desk, these will easily get the job done. There’s no true noise canceling features, but the louder the volume, the more isolated you’ll feel while listening. I tend to turn my music up as high as it can go when in a crowded gym, and not once was I bothered by the annoying gym grunts from the person over at the squat rack.

808 Audio EarCanz Sport: A Great Pair of Bluetooth Gym Earbuds

That being said, for $49.99, these are a great pair of headphones that come with a charging cable and case for tossing in your bag, and no matter how much they sweat, you’ll get a sound that will motivate you to put through that set you’re struggling on. For more information on the EarCanz Sport by 808 Audio, head directly to their site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Actually sound better to me than the In-ear beats I used that look virtually identical; Earhooks fit my ears

What Needs Improvement: Ear Tips do tend to wiggle a bit

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