Intuit Releases Quicken 2013 with Ties to iOS/Android Apps Through ‘Quicken Cloud

Intuit Releases Quicken 2013 with Ties to iOS/Android Apps Through 'Quicken Cloud

I have been using Quicken for a long time – since sometime way back in the 90s when I was still using a Mac Classic with a 9″ screen! And so for the past 20 years when it came to check out my finances or pay bills or whatever … I always turned to Quicken. Now they are back with their latest version Quicken 2013 – and have added mobile apps as well!

Here is the press release:

With the new Quicken® 2013, from Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq:INTU), people can get their financial lives on track and know exactly where they stand with their money at home and now, on-the-go. Quicken 2013 introduces its first companion apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android smartphones and tablets, and the Kindle Fire, helping people track and manage their financial lives when they want throughout the day.

Designed to deliver a true, actionable picture of where they stand with their money,Quicken helps users get the most out of every dollar. It lets people:

  • Get the complete picture: Organize all financial information in one place and see where the money goes. Simple setup automatically downloads and categorizes spending, eliminating time-consuming work. A streamlined process automatically imports important loan data including balances, rates and projected payoff dates, making it easier to keep on top of outstanding loans.
  • Make smart on-the-go decisions: Get immediate mobile access to checking, savings and credit card account information and view where you stand against your budget on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android mobile apps.
  • Get timely alerts: Receive updated account activity and warnings of unusual activity provides via email or SMS messages.
  • Budget more accurately: Create a full-year plan by budgeting for variable monthly or seasonal expenses. People can set budgets that account for both monthly costs, such as cable or dining out, and seasonal or annual spending, such as car insurance or holiday shopping. New rollover-enabled budgeting lets users move money left over into the next month.
  • Create savings goals: Achieve specific financial goals using the ³Your Savings Goal² page and debt reduction tool. These track progress toward specific targets, such as taking a vacation or building an emergency fund. An easy-to-read chart shows a list of all contributions made to that goal.

Here is the list of versions with pricing:
· Quicken Starter Edition ($39.99): For consumers who want a simple way to organize their finances and see where they are spending.
· Quicken Deluxe ($69.99): For those who want to save more; helps create custom budget, savings and debt reduction plans.
· Quicken Premier ($99.99): For those who manage investments and want to plan ahead for tax time.
· Quicken Home & Business ($109.99): For people who want to manage their business and personal finances in the same place.
· Quicken Rental Property Manager ($159.99): For rental property owners looking to manage their personal and rental property finances in one place.

And yes, I know it is somewhat ironic that I talked initially about running Quicken on the Mac as it is now an almost entirely Windows-based program. However, with the introduction of new mobile apps (obviously inspired by, which Quicken owns) my accounts are now available everywhere I need them!

The great folks at Quicken have provided me with a copy of Quicken Premier 2013 to evaluate and I will do a full review soon … but I was holding off even posting this because the mobile apps were initially wonky and the connections problematic. However, both the main app and the mobile apps have been updated and I can confirm that everything now works great – and heartily recommending checking them out!

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