Build-A-Lot 3 HD for iPad Review

Build-A-Lot 3 HD for iPad Review

Type of app: Time Management
Platform/where to buy: iPad (iPhone version, here); available in the App Store

Developer: HipSoft / G5 Entertainment

Get ready to pack your bags and head to Europe! You have a wonderful opportunity to take your real estate empire overseas. Travel through England, Spain and Switzerland while restoring rundown houses, beautifying neighborhoods with new landmarks and helping the locals improve their towns. Develop your business skills by making money from renting out and investing in properties. Construct classic English cottages, elegant Swiss chalets and magnificent Spanish haciendas. Act wisely to get the job done on time with hurdles like weather conditions and crises trying to block your every move.


? 45 Challenging levels
? Explore and develop in 9 countries
? 6 Large Sand Box Maps
? Tons of Upgrades and Buildings to Unlock
? Two Game Modes: Campaign and Casual
? Game Center Support
? New iPad Retina Display Support

Build-A-Lot 3 HD for iPad Review

Major features: Like many genre games such as Virtual City, Build-a-Lot 3 tasks you to build new homes and monuments and improving neighborhoods. You own certain lots and homes, and need to meet certain goals such as building a bunch of chalets, painting a number of houses, and so on. All of which happens while a timer ticks away.

In order to build something you first need a blueprint, which you need to buy and print (which takes time). Then you need the requisite materials (which also take time and money if you don’t have enough). Finally you need an adequate amount of workers – and these also take time and money to hire. Everything you do takes time and money – which are the keys to every challenge. But it isn’t just buying and building – upgrading houses gets more rent (i.e. more income), and adding paint helps to make the property more appealing which is another key metric. Run-down lots take huge hit on appeal, so you need to buy those up and renovate them to improve the neighborhood standing.

Finally there are loads of challenges – fire and home-repair take time and mean you aren’t earning any income on the property. Then there are weather effects that slow down everything (just like in real life). It makes for a challenging game – but also a very satisfying one!

Ease of use/Overall performance: Time management strategy games are either fun or frustrating, there seems to be little in-between. Of course, some of the most fun games are frustratingly challenging … but that is different from  the feeling a game is working against you. Why do I mention that? Because in Build-a-Lot 3 I discovered something new – a game that seems to be working WITH you to ensure you have every chance to succeed even if you bungle a couple of choices. Yet it does all of this while remaining challenging throughout.

Would use again/recommend?: Absolutely! I had a blast jumping back and forth across Europe building properties in a variety of locations; the challenge was consistent enough to keep me involved but never frustrated.

Suggested changes/wish list for updates: Nothing.

Price: $6.99 ($4.99 for iPhone – but on 10/17 ONLY they are $4.99/$2.99 for iPad/iPhone)

Here is the trailer:

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