AhnLab Introduces the V3 Click, the First-to-Market Personal Security Device for PCs

AhnLab Introduces the V3 Click, the First-to-Market Personal Security Device for PCsViruses, trojans and spyware. These are the perennial pests of modern computing and the bane of system administrators and IT personnel everywhere, not to mention the end users themselves! When I first heard about USB flash drives being used to infect PCs a few years back, I wondered: if a USB device can infect a system, can a USB device protect a system? Apparently some engineers at AhnLab wondered the same thing too, because AhnLab has released the industry’s first Personal Security Device for PCs, the V3 Click Home Desktop Edition unit than runs from a PC’s USB port.

This interesting tool helps circumvent the problems associated with traditional antivirus and security software that can often put a strain on system resources and be tricky to use properly. Its design reminiscent of the Staples commercials’  big “Easy” button, the V3 Click can help make protecting your PC easy too. Simply plug the device into a free USB port, run the simple setup program and your system is protected.

Simple but Powerful Antivirus

V3 Click has all the must-have features you need in an antivirus.

  • * Clean Wise: Quickly scans the most vulnerable areas in your computer, and to enhance system performances.
  • * Stay Awake: Monitors your computer sat all times, and detects security threats running.
  • * PC Clinic Chart: Shows you the operation history of V3 Click and the current status of your computer.

PC Optimization

V3 Click offers a both quick and thorough type of PC optimization. By effectively moving junk out of your registry, temp files and memory it will not only stabilize but enhance the system performance of your computer.
Don’t worry; PC optimization doesn’t need to be performed separately like your ordinary antivirus. Simply run Clean Wise or Clean Wide and your PC optimization will follow automatically.
2-Port Secure USB Hub 

Threats against the computer come from a lot of places but besides the internet, unsecured storage devices are one of the frequent sources of threats. V3 Click offers a new concept of USB hubs, a 2-Port Secure Hub. Not only will it act as a typical 2-Port USB hub, it will also immediately scan the USB device for threats, when inserted into the hub, and will delete/repair if a threat is found.
V3 Click will protect the computer from all USB devices before any unsecured data is transferred.

The V3 Click uses visual clues to show what it is doing relative to your system’s health, helping cut down on confusion, using Green, Blue and Red as color indicators. Yellow tends to imply an “uh-oh” situation, so AhnLabs wisely omitted that stop light configuration.

AhnLab Introduces the V3 Click, the First-to-Market Personal Security Device for PCs

In addition to keeping malware at bay, the V3 Click also has system tune-up capabilities to help improve system performance.

AhnLab Introduces the V3 Click, the First-to-Market Personal Security Device for PCsThe V3 Click also features two protected USB ports of its own, along with 2.7GB of internal storage, so not only can it protect your system and tune it up, but offer an additional port and personal storage as well, a nifty set of features for a consumer security appliance.

V3 Click Home Desktop Edition

MSRP: $49.99 (available from AhnLab.com and OfficeMax)

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