Lowepro Passport Sling Camera Bag, a Video Review

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Another of Lowepro’s more unusual camera bags is the Passport Sling. The Passport Sling doesn’t look like a camera bag… but it is. Here’s a video look followed by some additional details.

From Lowepro:

We designed the modern Passport Sling to be a bit unconventional and REALLY useful. It offers freedom for your every move, protection for your camera, plus lots of personal space.

Unzip the front to reveal an expansion compartment that gives you about 30% more storage room. Remove the camera box and turn the sling into a full day bag. Both the sling and camera box fold flat for easy packing.

Modern. Discreet. Versatile. And now with two choices to suit your shooting and traveling style.

I like the fact that this simple, freeform bag can be used in a variety of ways. Sure, it fits a DSLR, includes built-in memory card pocket and gives you 30% more space when you unzip it. But when you remove the camera box it can also be used as a full day bag. And the extra space for water bottle, a smartphone and other personal items is an added bonus.

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This is the removable camera box.

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The expandable front compartment give extra flexibility.

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And the exterior and interior pockets make this is a truly versatile bag.

The Passport Sling initially struck me as a bit too feminine for me to use. After lugging my gear around in it for a few days I have to say it still strikes me that way but… I don’t care. I like the versatility, the comfort it provides and I really appreciate the fact that it can pack flat, be thrown in another bag and then pulled out when you need it. You can learn more and order yours here.

MSRP: $74.99

What I Like: Thoughtfully designed; Can be a camera bag or a general gear bag; Packs flat; Comfortable; Expands to hold 30% more gear; Under $75

What Needs Improvement: Looks a bit feminine

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