Ogio Will Keep You Styling in 2016 with New Gran Premio and Chelsea Collections!

Ogio has been providing quality bags for quite some time, and this year at CES they are refreshing their professional bags with the Gran Premio and Chelsea collections. Whether you need a small bag to carry a tablet and essentials, or a larger briefcase for your laptop and files, Ogio is going to keep you organized and looking good!

The Chelsea collection is designed for women, with a few different styles but the same basic concept of an attractive bag with minimal bulk and lots of organization options. There are sections for laptops and tablets, plus lots of zippers and pockets for all your accessories and sundried everyday items, all in a relatively sleek package. There are a few different designs, so no matter what your taste or work attire, there’s bound to be a Chelsea bag that will match it.

If you favor more traditional styles that look good with anything (especially a suit and tie), the Gran Premio collection is for you. It’s far more expansive than the Chelsea, offering 10 different styles ranging from full briefcases and backpacks to more minimal bags for a few items at a time. The Gran Premio bags are split between the AL series sporting leather and the NL series with nylon, but both styles will be able to handle your professional adventures with ease.

Ogio says both lines will be available in January 2016, so keep an eye on their website for pricing and availability!

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