FL Studio for Android Coming in 2013 (Maybe), Developer Posts Update Video


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FL Studio for Android Coming in 2013 (Maybe), Developer Posts Update Video

I have been very vocal about what I see as the shortcomings of Android tablets, with one in particular getting my ire: audio latency issues and the lack of a ‘core audio’ solution that makes the entire Android platform totally useless for people trying to make music of any reasonable quality.

Sure there are a few apps out there – but they are all base-level crap. Sorry, but at best they are work-arounds that are inelegant, or perhaps work on one or two hardware platforms, but in general I don’t report on specific Android music apps for a very simple reason: there is nothing to talk about.

But FL Studio creator Image-Line has explicitly stated that they wanted to make their app for Android as well as iOS, where it is currently one of the dominant music studio apps. Once they started, they realized the only way to make it happen was to develop their own audio engine for Android – a daunting enough task made even more difficult by the well documented Android fragmentation problem.

But they keep plugging away and have just issued another update showing the status of their Android development on a Nexus 7. Here is their project update:

It’s on the roadmap, stop nagging! We have a development team working on a low-latency Android audio-engine and there are many screen resolutions and device specifications to consider, it’s not as simple as you may think 🙂

The screenshot below shows that FL Studio Mobile Android development has started, however, please do NOT expect a release version in the near future. We still have a long way to go.

Right now we’re porting about 1 tab/month.

Ported already:
Drum pads
Track editor
Step editor
Playback & Recording
Instrument screen (categories to do)
Project screen (.flm files from the iOS version can be loaded)
Effect screen
Loading screen

To be done:
Bar editor
Step graph editor
Popup windows
Share and export
Adaptations for even more screen resolutions
Testing on all the different devices
Audio recording
(won’t be available in the first Android release, scheduled for 1.1)

Here is the video update:

The app performance on the video seemed rather laggy to me compared to my iOS work, but I attribute that to the beta state of the software and am sure that these guys will work it out. I am terribly excited for them to get this released, and will be sure to keep everyone up to date as I hear more.

To keep track of the progress, head to Image-Line’s Android page!

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