BRAVEN Ships Their SIX Series, Speakers That Offer Big Sound and Power on the Go

BRAVEN Ships Their SIX Series, Speakers That Offer Big Sound and Power on the Go

Some number of months ago I ordered a really neat speaker from a company called SPAR. The speaker reminded me of the Jawbone JamBox. It was small, got loud and could function as a speakerphone as well as an audio device. I was impressed with the small device but there was one problem. The sound wasn’t very good. In fact, it was bad. I emailed the company and had one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had when returning a product. They took it back, did so promptly and subsequently told me they too were not so happy with the released product. In fact, they pulled it. I was impressed.


Fast forward to today. SPAR is now BRAVEN and they have released three new speakers. Each packs a punch. Each functions as a speakerphone. Each can step in as an external backup battery when your phone runs low. And each has the neat ability to be daisy-chained in order to get even louder sound.

BRAVEN Ships Their SIX Series, Speakers That Offer Big Sound and Power on the Go

In fact, on the website it indicates that you can daisy-chain in a non-Bluetooth speaker and turn it into a BT speaker. That’s great if you have a big, powerful but non-Bluetooth system.

The speakers weigh in at around 12 oz. and about 6 inches in length, and “deliver room-filling high-fidelity audio for music on the go”.
BRAVEN Ships Their SIX Series, Speakers That Offer Big Sound and Power on the Go

The BRAVEN SIX Series includes

-The sleek aircraft grade aluminum 600 model available in Moab Red or Mountain Ash.

-The 625s is housed in a rugged shock-absorbent rubber that is built for durability and outdoor adventures. Originally only offered in Stealth Black, the 625s is now available in a new Summit Green.

– The high-end 650 model comes in classic aluminum and features APTX for today’s modern audiophile

As the Press Release notes,

The Bluetooth speakers have two custom extended-range drivers, each with 3 watt speaker output providing high-fidelity stereo audio. Along with extraordinary battery life ranging from 12 to 20 hours, the speakers will charge USB devices while blasting music or movies. The internal duplex microphone also allows for hands-free speakerphone calls or chats via FaceTime, iChat, or Skype. For those who want even bigger output, multiple BRAVEN speakers can be daisy chained together or connected to other sound systems via 3.5 mm jack. With intense, powerful sound the BRAVEN speakers also improve the mobile gaming experience, bringing your favorite games to life.


The BRAVEN 600 retails for $149.99, the 625s for $179.99, and the 650 for $189.99. You can learn more or order yours at You can also see the speakers in action on YouTube. We have a BRAVEN 600 on the way so keep your eyes out for a full review.

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