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October 31, 2012 • Gear Bits

If You’ve ‘Gotta Know’, Here is How to Check iPad Mini Status at UPS or FedEx

If you head to Apple to check the status of your iPad Mini order obsessively, you will notice that all you see is ‘preparing for shipment’. This has stuck while credit cards were billed, Smart Covers have already been ordered … and November 2nd is rapidly approaching!

Don’t worry – if your order is due on November 2nd it is already well on the way. For some reason, Apple just doesn’t provide the links!

Here (thanks to Cult of Mac) how you can see where your iPad mini is right now:

1. Go to’s Track By Reference Page, or to’s Track By Reference Page.

2. For UPS, make sure “Package” is selected; for FedEx make sure you see “Track by Reference”

3. For Shipment Reference, enter the phone number associated with your Apple ID, without dashes. (In other words, XXXXXXXXXX, not XXX-XXX-XXXX)

4) Use the default Shipment Date Range.

5) Leave Shipper Account blank.

6) Select your destination country from the drop down list (on FedEx US is on top, at UPS it is alphabetical).

7) Enter your ZIP code under Destination ZIP/Postal Code.

8) Click on Track.

If you bought multiple items, there is no guarantee that the same carrier was used for all of them. So if your Smart Cover arrived by UPS, that doesn’t mean the iPad Mini isn’t coming by FedEx (several people at Cult of Mac were freaking out about that).

Check it out!

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