The Legend of Holy Archer for iOS Review

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The Legend of Holy Archer for iOS

As an avid bow hunter, I always look for opportunities to do anything dealing with archery. There are few games for iOS that involve shooting a bow, so when I find one, it is always downloaded. I recently came across a new game called The Legend of Holy Archer. Since the game if free, I could not pass it up. Let’s take a quick look.

The Legend of Holy Archer for iOS

In the fantasy world of this old kingdom a dark hole appeared allowing horrible devils to attack. Being the holy archer, you are the only one who can destroy them and save the day. Fortunately, the devils bodies did not appear totally, so they cannot chase you. It will take great shooting skill and arrow control to rid the world of the beasts.

The Legend of Holy Archer for iOS

The game is actually easy to control and can be done with one finger. To shoot, simply touch the screen and move the archer’s aim then release. As the arrow flies, move the screen with your finger to guide the flight. I first thought that would be too easy being able to control the flight of my arrow, but it is actually quite challenging. I sure wish I could do that with an arrow in real life.

The Legend of Holy Archer for iOS

Each level brings a new world to shoot the devils. There are plenty of obstacles to guide the arrow around over and through. Along the way, make sure you shoot some chests for power ups and bonuses. There are also flight extenders that will be required to make the arrow fly far enough to reach the enemies. Unlock new levels as well as new weapons, each with their own special traits. Each level has multiple paths to the devil with plenty of power ups. Just make sure the there are enough arrows to destroy the devil or their bodies will appear and they will wreak havoc on the kingdom.

The Legend of Holy Archer for iOS

The Legend of  Holy Archer has beautiful graphics and easy controls. While only one finger is required to control both the aim and flight of the arrow, it is still challenging. It takes practice to be able to navigate the obstacles while scoring power ups and striking the devil. Keep advancing to more difficult levels and unlock even better weapons. You can go get Legend of  Holy Archer here in the app store for free.

What I like: Beautiful graphics and I get to shoot a bow.

What can be improved: The game play is always the same even though the obstacles get more difficult.

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