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November 1, 2012 • Gear Bits, News

New Amazon Android App Lets You Update Your Photos to Your Amazon Cloud

Everyone wants to get you storing your files and photos on their service, because that gets you into their ecosystem and infrastructure. So with Apple there is iCloud, Google has Google+ and others, DropBox and others offer auto-uploads, and Amazon has their own Cloud Drive. Now Amazon has an app that manages your photos and automatically uploads them to your Cloud Drive and can share to Facebook and other sites.

Here is the description:

Never lose the photos from your phone again. Get 5 GB of free storage to protect and store your phone’s photos with Amazon Cloud Drive. Access photos from your Android phone or tablet, your computer, or any web browser. Your memories: safe and secure in the Cloud.

Store and secure thousands of photos with 5 GB of free storage
Upload individual photos or entire albums from your phone or tablet with one simple touch
View your photo albums in stunning layouts from your mobile device or on your computer
Share your Cloud Drive photos on Facebook, through e-mail, and many other apps

You can grab the app for free from Amazon or through Google Play.

Source: eBookNewser

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