A Visual Guide to the Freakin’ Huge US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note II

In my review of the US Cellular Samsung Galaxy SIII (SGS3) last month, I noted that “there is no doubt about it – the Galaxy S III is HUGE. As in ‘sticks out of my pocket like a pocket protector’ big”. I have had the SGS3 fall out of my shirt pocket several times leaning over to feed the dogs, and have learned to alternate between my shirt and pants pockets depending on what I was doing.

I have mostly adapted, but the SGS3 is a very large device … well, unless you compare it with the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

US Cellular sent me one to review, and it arrived yesterday … and I just can’t get over how large it is! So I took a bunch of pictures to put it into perspective. My thoughts were to compare it devices that are encompassed in the ‘phablet’ range … so here goes:

Samsung Galaxy Note II Compared to Palm Pre Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note II Compared to Motorola Droid Pro

Samsung Galaxy Note II Compared to 1st Gen iPod Touch

Samsung Galaxy Note II Compared to Kindle (4th gen)

Samsung Galaxy Note II Compared to Nook Simple Touch

Samsung Galaxy Note II Compared to Kindle Fire HD

Samsung Galaxy Note II Compared to Google Nexus 7


OK, so I proved that the Samsung Galaxy Note II is huge … big deal. There is a reason it is described as a ‘phablet’. If you like portable, pocketable devices, then the Galaxy Note II is NOT for you. However, when you compare it with the Kindle or Nook in particular, you’ll notice that the screens are very close to the same size. In fact, the Galaxy Note II is starting to approach the 7″ tablets in many ways.

Crazy big! But how does it work? I will be using the Galaxy Note II as my primary phone for a while before I put up a comprehensive review. This is definitely a different class of device than your normal phone!

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