Sena Wallet Slim for iPhone 5 Review

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Yesterday we took a look at the Hampton Wallet from Sena Cases. It is a gorgeous leather case that protects your iPhone while letting you carry up to three different cards. While I love the way it looks and feels I found that, unfortunately, I became a bit tired of constantly having to unsnap the case and fold back the cover to access the screen. That’s where the Sena Wallet Slim steps in. It too offers a three card wallet. It too protects the iPhone. Unlike the Hampton Wallet, though, this case doesn’t have a cover. That means less protection for the screen but complete access on the go.

Let’s take a look.

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From Sena:

Premium leather wallet and an iPhone 5 case, all in a slim profile.

Doubles as a 3 pocket wallet

Slim form-fitting leather design

Light and rigid protective layer for support

Let’s run down a few more specifics.

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Like the Hampton Wallet, the Wallet Slim also has a snap. In this case, however, the snap is simply put in place when initially placing the iPhone into the Wallet Slim. After that, there is no need to unsnap it unless you are removing your iPhone.

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The leather “frame” surrounds the upper part of the screen. Cutouts allow for complete access to the earpiece and FaceTime HD camera. The same holds true at the bottom. This means the case provides a nice degree of lay-on-the-table protection.

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And in keeping with its name, the Wallet Slim lets you carry a number of cards with you at all times. There’s enough room for a driver’s license and two credit cards. And, thanks to the longer design of the iPhone 5, the cards all sit well below the camera, flash, and noise canceling microphone.

The Wallet Slim is a practical case that does exactly what it promises. It protects your iPhone 5 while allowing you to carry the bare essentials card-wise. No, you won’t get complete screen protection, but the leather frame does rise up above the screen enough to provide some degree of lay-on-the-table protection. For some, however, this might be a mixed blessing as I can see times when the leather can get in the way.

For me, however, the Wallet Slim is a great way to truly travel light, and I find it to be a good option for anyone looking to turn their iPhone into the one item they always carry. You can learn more and order yours here on the product page.

MSRP: $44.95

What I Like: Beautiful leather; Provides good side and back protection; Secures the iPhone inside; Lets you carry three card with you at all times; Open face means you always have access to your iPhone’s screen

What Needs Improvement: Raised leather at top and bottom where the earpiece and Home button are may get in the way for some people

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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