Ogaco Gadgets Introduces the iKazoo

Ogaco Gadgets Introduces the iKazoo

There are controllers for just about everything that utilize touch, motion, and breath. Now we get one that integrates all of these, and utilizes the latest Bluetooth protocols to interface with just about anything! The first thing you might think when you hear ‘iKazoo’ is … what IS it? Here is an explanation from the creators:

iKazoo is basically a gadget compatible with any electronic device with a camera that lets anyone, from beginner to professional make and play music and a whole lot more. Music, games, art, sports and fitness are just some of the applications you can use iKazoo for.

The complete surface of the device is touch and shock sensitive so you can tap on different positions with different intensity to get a super drum computer of beat box.

If you just hold the iKazoo in your hand the built in microphone can record and alter your voice, while the tunes you have created before are automatically looped. You could be a singing superstar anywhere!

The bi-directional Bluetooth transceiver connects you wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet.

Ogaco Gadgets Introduces the iKazoo

Want to play a game?
iKazoo has a built in Arduino platform equipped with optical-and motion sensors. Just move it around and play your favorite games as it follows the motion of your real time movement.

iKazoo can act as a joy stick, a finger balance board, a handlebar, and a spin wheel. The two multi color LEDs allow you to connect to your phone/tablet/pc via its camera, just point the iKazoo and our driver app will search and sync so you will never have to use a touch screen again.

Connect your device to your TV and you have a game console, a presenter or a chat assistant to bring fun into your video calls. iKazoo sensors monitor all your movements, so you can use it as a step counter or check the impact on your joints when you workout or compose music while jogging in the park!

iKazoo is built for multitasking!
Our OGACO interface connects your iKazoo wirelessly to any device to run your favorite apps!

The best thing about iKazoo is that it is open source. Join the iKazoo community and share apps with people around the world. Joining the community also allows you to keep track of updates, new apps, learning how to write apps for iKazoo, and upgrades and a few secrets drawers that we’ll be revealing as iKazoo continues to evolve.

Here is a video:

Head to the iKazoo official site for more info about iKazoo and details on how to pre-order the iKazoo.

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