SiNG Party Video Game Review on Nintendo Wii U

SiNG Party Video Game Review on Nintendo Wii U

SiNG Party is a unique music performance game available exclusively on the Wii U with downloadable content and Miiverse features. This party game contains a well-varied song base (50 total) that keeps this music party rocking with elements of dance, duets, and karaoke. The colorful, clear-cut presentation and interface that works with a wide range of USB microphones though the game comes available with one if needed.

The Hype

Get the party started with SiNG Party, a new, interactive musical performance game that will get you and your guests singing and dancing well into the night. With dozens of popular songs to choose from, everyone from novice singers to experienced entertainers will be able to join in the fun. While one person steps up as the main performer, others can dance, sing and clap along with the prompts on the TV screen, making sure everyone at the party is rocking out together.

  • In Party mode, the lead singer uses the Wii U GamePad controller to view lyrics and receive cues, freeing them from the TV and allowing them to interact with the audience, making each performance more engaging and enjoyable
  • No limit to the number of people who can join in at one time. Audience participation, such as singing, dancing, interacting with the lead singer and playing instrumental sounds with the Wii Remote controllers, is the key to a great performance
  • In Sing mode, up to two singers’ vocal and overall performance quality are evaluated on the TV in real time
  • GamePad can be used as an audio mixer and to create a playlist
  • Variety of song selections, from the 60s to current pop hits, makes it easy for players from any generation to put on a show

The Reality

SiNG Party features fifty songs ranging from the 1960s to the present plus social media posting capabilities, unlimited players, singing duets, playlist creation, audio mixing, and interactive actions for everyone using the Wii remote controllers and the Wii U GamePad controller.

A special game bundle is available with an official Wii U karaoke microphone (required for the game). Microphone also available separately. Many USB compatible microphones will also work with the game and Wii U. The USB microphone plugs into the console in one of the two ports in front or two in the back. Holding the microphone and the game pad (horizontally or vertically) can be hard to do when performing dance moves. The game also prompts players to set it down during certain sequences. SiNG Party Video Game Review on Nintendo Wii U

In the main performance scenario, the main performer holds the GamePad while as many players as possible can also join in. Other players can make instrument sounds (e.g. cowbell, tambourine) using the Wii Remote controllers. Various awards (e.g. perform three songs by male artists) allow you to level up, but points are not the main focus here – fun is the main focus.

SiNG Party Video Game Review on Nintendo Wii U

In the party mode (no scoring), the main performer can “work the room” and following the prompted cues/actions, but there is always room for improvisation. Some prompts might embarrass some performers or get other players to move out of their comfort zones. It largely depends on the participants.

SiNG Party Video Game Review on Nintendo Wii U

In sing mode, performers can turn their living area into a karaoke bar by dueting or going solo with real time scores. In team mode, competitive scenarios let large groups face off, play relays, and sing as a choir to display their talents plus players can take team photos and share them. Other players might also participate as judges.

Players can also try the practice mode, change audio options, adjust audio with the special mixer, and rate songs (between 1 and 5 stars). Playlists can also be made to keep the party going.

The colorful visuals include pristine human models in angled environments that can complement the room. The appealing visuals also assist in the original set up where players match circle graphics with the GamePad and television screen.

SiNG Party Video Game Review on Nintendo Wii U

SiNG Party is easy to use and has no down time. The core song group includes bouncy songs like Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”, Florence and the Machine’s “You’ve Got The Love,” and LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem”. Players can also belt out ballads like Heart’s “Alone,” Nickelback’s “How You Remind Me” or even The Monkees’ “Daydream Believer.”

Hopefully the upcoming downloadable content will include songs from performers like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Pink, and Prince.

Review: SiNG Party

Where to Buy: and other stores

Price: $59.99

What I Like:  ideal all ages party game, GamePad utilization, music/performance action variety, flexible format allows for player improvisation, and solid core songs with upcoming downloadable songs

What Needs Improvement: customization options for onscreen performers, performance action customization options

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