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As I have been in Knoxville, TN visiting my folks this holiday season, I have had the opportunity to show my parents Netflix on a TV.  I have not one, but two devices with me that can stream Netflix to a TV.  My Roku 2XS and my son’s new Xbox.

One afternoon I was flipping through the Netflix app on the Xbox looking for something to watch, and lo and behold my Mom said one thing: How can they expect me to pay for this when everything is so old?

Boom.  There’s the problem.

Every streaming service I showed her on the Xbox — with the exception of Vudu — had only all old content.  Sure, some shows were relatively recent, but there was nothing that had come out within the last month.  Netflix-only series aren’t going to win over the people who don’t pay for Netflix already, old nostalgia TV isn’t going to either; new content people have actually heard of will, because content is king.

If you do have Netflix, then you might want to check out this Huffington Post article on how to get the most out of it.

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3 Comments on "Content is Everything – My Mom’s Thoughts on Netflix"

  1. I agree – I just got one of those ‘come back for another free month’ things, and my kids have watched a couple of movies from the 2000’s, but not much else. So I’ll be canceling before I get charged.

    Personally that is why I prefer to stick with Hulu+ and Amazon Prime, along with the free Crackle service. Between those we do pretty well with new TV shows, classic shows (yes, I admit to watching a few Scarecrow and Mrs. King episodes last month), loads of free movies, rentals of new releases, and so on.

    Sadly the movie studios have it set so that every service is a compromise in some way or other so that they maintain power … unlike what happened with iTunes and music.

  2. Yep. For me, it’s not too bad mostly because I do admit to ripping through a season or two of Start Trek and because Paramount wants way too much for the Blurays….

  3. I mostly watch it to catch up on TV series I didn’t see the first time around. Once I run out of those, I might dump it since Amazon Prime and HBO Go are included in services I’m paying for anyway.

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