TmTeam Gen. L. Case for iPhone 5 Review

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TmTeam’s Gen. L. Case, made from genuine Turkish leather, is more of a protective pouch than a typical iPhone case.  The design is simple; the pouch resembles an eyeglass case but has a tab that weaves from inside the case to the outside.  When the phone is in the case, pull the tab, which causes the nylon strap on the inside to become taut and raises the phone for removal.  The tab remains on the outside of the case and has a magnet to help keep the phone in place.  Note:  The printed leather case’s tab is magnetic while the black case’s is not.  I’m not sure if this was intentional or a manufacturing oversight.

This pouch would be great for protecting your phone in a bag, purse, or piece of luggage since, when inside, the phone is protected on all sides and can withstand decent drops and bangs.

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Unfortunately, I do not think most iPhone users will find this case to be too practical.  When the phone is inside the pouch, you cannot see who is calling or texting until you pull on the tab and raise the phone to expose the screen.  Then, if you want to remove the phone to actually answer the call, you need to pull the phone completely out of the pouch.  I know when I am out and need to answer a call, I do not have time to fumble with my case.  I want easy access to the screen without having to remove my phone.  Also, once you remove the phone, the case is no longer attached to anything so you could easily drop it or lose it.

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I spent a lot of time thinking about what type of people would benefit from a case like this but could not really come up with any situation other than people who want to completely protect their phone while it is in a purse or bag.  Perhaps  businessmen or contractors who wear their phones around their belts would benefit from a pouch like this but, for their purpose, the case would need a belt loop. That is currently not the case.

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TmTeam’s website highlights some of their other cases.  If you are interested in purchasing one of them, you will have to click on the “Contact Us” page and either call or email them as their website does not seem to offer direct purchasing at this time. Overall, the case was underwhelming.  It seems somewhat pricey for what it offers.  With so many other great iPhone cases on the market, I’m not sure this is one is going to be a winner.  This Turkish company is looking to bring their cases to the US market; they will need something more innovative to make an impact.

MSRP:  $30

What I Like: Lightweight and slim
What Needs Improvement: Underwhelming
Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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