Incipio [Performance] Series Level 3 Folio Superior Drop Protection with Storage for iPhone 6 and 6S

We recently looked at the Incipio Performance Series Levels 1,2, and 3 cases. The company also offered the Level 3 as a folio-style case. If you want good protection, the ability to carry a card or three, and love a folio-style case, the Incipio [Performance] Series Level 3 Folio Superior Drop Protection with Storage for iPhone 6s is for you!

A folio-style case is great if you are looking to have a case that offers good protection that includes covering the screen. Yes, you lose a little flexibility since you need to open the cover each time you want to use your iPhone, but in exchange you get even better protection for your precious pocket computer. Incipio has this to say about the Level 3 Folio:

The [Performance] Series Level 3 Folio for iPhone 6/6s offers triple layer protection with the added convenience of card storage. Its integrated impact ridge absorbs harsh drops and bumps, while the rear shell is scratch resistant. Get rugged drop protection with the addition of the rigid front cover and interior card slot for an all-in-one carrying solution.

Incipio [Performance] Series Level 3 Folio Superior Drop Protection with Storage for iPhone 6 and 6S

The back of the case has a design that is now familiar to anyone who knows the Incipio performance series cases. The company name is embossed in the bottom section. A thicker rim runs around the perimeter and provides extra protection. A plentiful cutout gives enough room for the camera, microphone, and flash. And the design, while understated, is attractive and has enough visual interest.

Incipio [Performance] Series Level 3 Folio Superior Drop Protection with Storage for iPhone 6 and 6S

The big change comes in the form of the cover that goes over the entire screen one closed. The Incipio name is embossed in the lower right-hand corner of the cover, and the cover itself has a subtle texture that not only adds to the visual interest, but also gives extra grip when holding the case with the cover closed.

Incipio [Performance] Series Level 3 Folio Superior Drop Protection with Storage for iPhone 6 and 6S

Opening the cover reveals a little surprise. On the right is the performance series level III case with all of its protection. On the left is the cover. Lined with a soft material it will keep your screen safe from scratches and other dangers. A small slit two-thirds of the way up allows you to stow a couple of cards. The portion just above the slit is slightly recessed. This allows the cards to sit flush with the cover and put less pressure on the phone’s screen itself.

Incipio [Performance] Series Level 3 Folio Superior Drop Protection with Storage for iPhone 6 and 6S

With the phone inside the case you see that there is table protection for it. It also makes clear that the slightly recessed area surrounding the cover is perfectly designed so that the cover sits a bit closer to the screen then it would work the cover completely flat. This extra bit of design not only adds to the protective nature of the case but also allows the cover to sit more securely on the screen when closed.

Here’s our video look at the case:

I tend to shy away from folio style cases. The added hassle of needing to open the cover each time I want to check my phone simply isn’t worth it for me. At the same time, Apple Pay is becoming more common. It means I don’t need to carry my credit card all the time and can simply leave the house with my drivers license and health insurance card. That, in turn, means I can travel lighter than ever and a folio style case that also doubles as a wallet is actually somewhat useful. Add in the fact that the Apple Watch means needing to access your phone’s screen a little less frequently and there’s actually a good argument for a case with this style. I’m not sure I see myself using it quite yet but were I going to use a folio style case this is the one I would choose.

Get it here for under $40.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review simple

What I Like: Offers good protection; Protects the phone’s screen; Doubles as a wallet by holding a few cards

What Needs Improvement: Folio style cases require lifting the cover whenever you want to access your phone’s screen

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