United Healthcare Shows Their Techy Side

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United Healthcare Shows Their Techy Side Listen to this article


Company: United Healthcare
Products on Display: Not everything UHC had was directed at consumers, but even the doctor-facing technology is a boon for the patients. They have ideas and systems for every aspect of the insurance and healthcare experience, from prescription drugs to estimated costs.



What Caught Our Eye: One of the areas United Healthcare is focusing on is education for everyone, not just UHC customers. They’ve launched a website (UHCTV) with tons of original content to help people learn exercises, healthier eating techniques, and offers the chance for users to ask their experts questions about the various subjects.

They are also working on a system for doctors to pull a patient’s history from their insurance records (assuming they are a UHC customer), and from there the patient and doctor can make sure there won’t be any drug interactions or hidden issues.

Finally, they also emphasized that they are committed to all sorts of consumers by offering special tools for Medicaid customers. Kids on Medicaid can earn rewards points by brushing their teeth, going to the doctor, eating breakfast, and just generally trying to be healthy. At the end of the year they can use their accumulated points towards items like sports equipment, or even bikes for the truly diligent kids! The idea is to reward kids without as many resources to be healthy!

All pretty cool ideas, and I have a hunch we will see more ways that technology makes healthcare run smoother in 2013!


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