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January 11, 2013 • Events

iStabilizer is the Gear Diary MVP of CES!

At CES this year, we tried our best to get as much video and photos from the booths and floor as possible. There's an overwhelming number of places to visit and products to see, and it's a long and tiring day. Not to mention, the booths are often crowded, schedules are tight, and there's only so much time to get a good shot or steady video.

That's where Dan's purchase of the iStabilizer Monopod made our CES run that much smoother. iStabilizer is a simple monopod that extends out a few feet and fits the iPhone in its iStabilizer mount on the end. It made it far smoother to capture video and photos, adding stability to the iPhone when it was acting as my main camera and camcorder.

Not only did I love using it, I think I was stopped at least a dozen times on the floor to show it off to strangers. I would finish up taking photos or videos, and start to walk away from an area, and someone would inevitably grab me and ask what the iStabilizer was and how it worked. I think I gave nearly as many demos of the iStabilizer as the videos I took with it!

If you're looking for a professional and solid addition to your portable camera kit, especially if you're relying heavily on an iPhone, I can't praise iStabilizer Monopod enough. We'll have a full review up soon, but it was just striking that out of everything going on at CES, an effective and attractive monopod kept catching people's attention!


2 Responses to " iStabilizer is the Gear Diary MVP of CES! "

  1. I bought my wife a monopod several years back and at first her response was ‘huh?’ … but now it comes with us anywhere we might take pictures! Amazing little things.

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