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It all started when Ali Yildirim’s daughter, Beyza, wanted a case for her mobile device. She couldn’t find one that she liked, so her father decided to make her one.

BeyzaCases new MALY case for the iPhone 5, the iPad (4th Generation) Executive II Case, and the new iPad mini Case

BeyzaCases new MALY case for the iPhone 5, the iPad (4th Generation) Executive II Case, and the new iPad mini Case

Today, Beyzacases is a world class leather accessory maker; their products are available in European Apple retail and online stores, and they are an official licensed partner with Aston Martin.

Beyzacases' exclusive Aston Martin luxury mobile accessories

Beyzacases’ exclusive Aston Martin luxury mobile accessories

Dan and I had a meeting with Ali Yildirim, Beyzacases founder and CEO, while we were at CES. The moment we walked into Beyzacases’ booth and saw all of the new colors and styles, we were simply blown away. After talking to Ali and several other members of the Beyzacases staff, we were even more impressed.

Me with the BeyzaCases iPad mini Sleeve

The BeyzaCases iPad mini Sleeve

From the beginning, Beyzacases has made quality mobile device cases that the team and I were proud to review, but in the past few years they have truly stepped up their game.

Beyzacases uses the very finest quality materials. The detailed traditional leatherwork, hand-made production process, high-quality
genuine leather and an exclusive Alcantara® lining come together as the key elements in every Beyzacases® product.

Ali told us that every Beyzacases accessory is made by hand; obviously a machine sews the pieces together, but it is guided by human hands, not a manufacturing robot. And as I told Ali while we were visiting, Beyzacases has become one of my favorite case makers — not only because of their designs, but because of the obvious pride that they take in their products. Beyzacases leather is sumptuous, and it has that lovely leather smell that knocks you out when the package is first opened.

This is Burcu Ozden, BeyzaCases designer; she and Beyzacases have been recognized and awarded for their Aston Martin leather designs.

Ali Yildirim, Beyzacases founder and CEO and Burcu Ozden, BeyzaCases designer

Ali Yildirim, Beyzacases founder and CEO and Burcu Ozden, BeyzaCases designer

As Dan said in our First Ever CES Top Picks post, “BeyzaCases has really emerged as THE luxury leather accessory company. The designs are stunning, the leather looks, smells and feels fantastic, and the degree to which the company’s line has expanded is impressive; there is something for pretty much every taste.”

And of course, Beyzacases had the only Aston Martin Vanquish in the United States on site … which I couldn’t help myself, I had to get in and see if I liked it or not.

There wasn’t much not to like.

Check out the entire line of Beyzacases on their site; new styles (like the iPad mini caases we saw at CES) should be coming soon!

Link: Beyzacases

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