Lenovo Goes for Innovation and Speed with a Folding Screen Thinkpad and a Ducati Notebook

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Lenovo never fails to roll out exciting devices during CES, and their new laptop offerings are no exception. They’re upping the foldable game from phones to a ThinkPad, but if speed is more your thing, there’s also the super-speedy and very stylish Lenovo Ducati 5 notebook!

Lenovo Goes for Innovation and Speed with a Folding Screen Thinkpad and a Ducati Notebook

Let’s start with the truly intriguing device, the ThinkPad X1 Fold. Sure, there are a few phones with foldable screens, but the ThinkPad X1 Fold is a 13.3″ foldable screen, so you can use it as a tablet-esque device or fold it in half for tented viewing. Lenovo is also throwing in an Active Pen so you can doodle to your heart’s content as well as a small rechargeable keyboard. The one accessory that’s extra is a special stand, though Lenovo is selling it for a very reasonable $23.99 — and it’s a good looking stand!

Under the hood, The ThinkPad X1 Fold is rocking 8GB of RAM, up to a terabyte of storage, Dolby audio, and of course Windows 10 Pro. Pricing is also surprisingly reasonable considering the amount of tech involved in a flexible screen and hinge; it starts at $2,499 in mid-2020.

Lenovo Goes for Innovation and Speed with a Folding Screen Thinkpad and a Ducati Notebook

If you’re the type who needs a more traditional laptop, but your style is decidedly not traditional, there’s the Ducati 5 notebook. It’s a limited-edition Lenovo notebook made in partnership with Ducati. You don’t need a helmet to operate this PC, but it does have lots of Ducati details — like a red racing stripe along the top and hexagonal air vents that match the style of a Ducati bike. The packaging even has Ducati logos and a special gift box to add to the exclusive and fun design. It’s also a Lenovo laptop, so it’ll have plenty of power with a 14″ screen, Dolby Audio, USB-C, and up to 1 terabyte of storage. Sadly, it’s not coming to North America, but if you’re in a supported market, these will retail for €899.99 in mid-2020. The rest of us will have to settle for watching Ducati videos on YouTube using a non-racing striped Lenovo.

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