Cancel Tonight’s Plans Because Temple Run 2 is Hitting the App Store Today!

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Cancel Tonight's Plans Because Temple Run 2 is Hitting the App Store Today! Listen to this article
Screenshots courtesy of Touch Arcade

Screenshots courtesy of Touch Arcade

One of the earliest mega-hit iOS titles is getting a sequel tonight!  Temple Run was extremely easy to play, with its swipe left or right to dodge, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to slide mechanics.  It was also one of the first endless runner type games and really started the craze, as we’ve seen innumerable games of this genre hit the app store since.

Imangi Studios has developed the upcoming follow-up along with help from Fuzzycube Software.  The Temple Run formula seems to have been left unchanged, as you’ll still be tilting to grab coins and swiping to avoid various obstructions along your path.  The biggest difference you’ll feel in this game is that the motion is more fluid since the turns are more curved rather than 90 degree angles, as they were in the first Temple Run.  Another big improvement is that the graphics have been greatly enhanced.  A couple of environmental additions have been made, including gliding down a zipline and riding in a mine cart.  Finally, you’ll also be able to play as four different characters, each packing their own unique specialty and upgradable abilities.

The app will be available for the steep price of free tonight at 11pm EST on the US App Store.

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If you decide to check it out, let us know what you think!

Check out the screen shots in the gallery below.

Via Touch Arcade

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