LED Ice Cubes Signal It’s Time to Stop Drinking


There are many devices and tools that connect to your smartphone. Likewise, there are many fine apps that let you track your food, drink and activity. However, if you require LED ice cubes to alert you that you’re en route to a blackout, perhaps you need help, and not a text from your drink?

If the novelty of such an item amuses you, though, don’t worry: it does exist.

I’m trying to be fair here, but if I landed in the hospital after drinking too much, my response would emphatically not be to invent a complex ice cube that nagged me if I drank too fast. Granted, most of my “drink too much” days in college were while consuming quality beverages like Miller High Life straight from the can, so it’s not like a glass or ice cubes were an option. But once you get beyond the novelty of this idea, it feels an awful lot like those portable breathalyzers; something that sounds like a fun party trick, but when you think deeper you wonder about the health of someone who depends on one to make good decisions.

Or maybe I’m just getting old. What’s your take on this concept? Great idea or a way to get technology to enable bad decisions? Check out the video explaining the cubes, and then let us know in the comments!

via  The Huffington Post

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  1. I definitely look at it as ‘blame transferral’ … or responsibility avoidance.

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